What Are The Best Ways To Medicinally Consume CBD?

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Cannabidiol is without a doubt one of today’s most well-known natural remedies. It has been widely boasted for being able to treat a wide range of ailments. Better known to the world as CBD, this substance is just one of the hundreds of chemical compounds present in the cannabis plant. THC is, by all means, the most touted and well-known compound, as it is the one that is still arguably making the plant illegally in a variety of states. It is because it is the compound solely responsible for producing euphoric feelings. It virtually is the part of the plant that gets you high.

Unlike THC, CBD is not a psychoactive compound. This is just one more of the many things that makes this compound more alluring to many. A lot of people would see the point of consuming the plant without getting those feelings of euphoria, but CBD boasts a lot of medicinal benefits. This is another of the reasons that most people prefer CBD over THC. That being said, CBD and THC, despite this major difference, still do have a lot in common. One of those things is, they can be consumed in a variety of ways, And, these consumption methods can play a major role in how the plant and compounds interact within your system. So, what’s the best way to consume CBD for medicinal benefits and effects?

Smoking CBD Strains

CBD does come in a dry flower form just like marijuana. There was a time when people thought the only way to consume either of these substances was via smoking them. This is no longer the case, as a lot of new, unique methods have been discovered over this. However, smoking is still a widely popular method with a wide range of benefits. Today’s farmers are highly known for growing high CBD strains directly from hemp. As long as these products contain less than 0.3 percent THC they can legally be bought and sold in many regions throughout the United States.

This is one of the reasons that smoking the dry flower is still as popular as it is today. It’s easy, quick, and fast-acting. Smoking is one of the best ways to test the waters with the substance if you are unfamiliar. You can roll a quick joint, take a few puffs, and put the cigarette out for later consumption. This will prevent you from consuming too much and having a bad experience, although, with the high CBD and low THC strains available today, you shouldn’t have to worry about any of the euphoric feelings.

Soak It Up In The Tub

Most people already know the benefits of soaking in the tub after a long day at the office. There is nothing more soothing or relaxing for the muscles and mind. Well, throw in some bath salts and it just makes the equation all that much better. Well, what about some CBD bombs? That’s right, if you look here, you will see that there are now a variety of CBD bombs available. These products are a mixture of dry materials that effervesce when they get wet.

Some of these products will also contain scents, essential oils, and bubbles, which can all produce a nice added effect. It depends on what you are looking to get from the experience. These bath bombs serve as nourishers and aromatherapy agents that directly work on the skin. When combined with hot bathwater and other essential oils, these products can bring a whole new meaning to a day at the spa. They are quite the experience at a lower cost. Since they are also introduced into the body through the skin, they boast a wide range of benefits that one might not achieve from consuming the substance differently.

Getting Oily With The Oil

CBD oil is one of the better-known CBD products available today. The method of consumption is similar to that of tinctures, but several major differences make the two methods differ. CBD oil goes through the same extraction processes of either CO2 or alcohol, but the major difference is that the plant is soaked before the process. This is how the remaining CBD is found. After soaking, it will be found in the remaining liquid where it will then be evaporated.

CBD oil products are generally administered utilizing a dropper and held under the tongue for a few seconds. CBD oil can also be consumed via a vape pen, whereas CBD tinctures cannot. CBD oil usually is also tasteless and the effects are immediate, which is a huge benefit of this method of consumption.


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