Wal Mart of Weed Opens in Sacramento

An organization going under the name of weGrow has opened up an enormous marijuana store in Sacramento with the objective to ‘offer benefit for those seeking medical marijuana.’ The store’s founder, Bee, sees no impending problems, despite his openness about their intent, which is for the 10,000 square foot warehouse is to provide Californians with all they need to grow weed. Despite this apparent nonchalance, the pot plants are for display purposes only and will be removed from the store before they have a chance to produce any buds. In fact, all the weed plants on display are registered to individual medical marijuana patients.

The fact is, the store neither grows or sells cannabis, it simply provides the information and equipment needed for it’s customers to do so.

The weGrow store began life at a warehouse in Oakland, California and, together with his colleagues, Bee hopes it will become the first national medical marijuana franchise. The company has already formulated plans to open stores in New Jersey, Colorado, Oregon, and Arizona.

The grand opening of weGrow takes place today, 1st March 2011, although the store actually opened Saturday, 26th February.


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