medical cannabis legal in DCIt was a low key announcement, but it was an important one. On July 24, 2010, the Department of Veterans Affairs announced that, in states where it is legal to use medical marijuana, patients in the Department’s hospitals will be allowed to use it.

Sadly, the new marijuana policy, VHA DIRECTIVE 2010-035,
will not allow its doctors to actually prescribe medical marijuana, but it’s something of a triumph nonetheless.

The outgoing rules meant that veterans could be denied their pain medications if they insisted on using cannabis, Dr Robert Jesse, the principal deputy under the secretary for health in the department explained, “When states start legalizing marijuana we are put in a bit of a unique position because as a federal agency, we are beholden to federal law (but) we didn’t want patients who were legally using marijuana to be administratively denied access to pain management programs.”

Veterans for Medical Marijuana Access


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  • Emma says:

    Would this be good for RA?

    Do they have medical trials for this?

  • alvin castain says:

    I’ve suffered with malignant hypertension,migraines, the anxiety these bring for over twentyeight years.

    I’ve tried an arsenal of medications over this time, nothing relieves my pain totally like marijuana. Marijuana also brings down my blood pressure from level two readings to normal levels. This is personal experience that I just can’t ignore, it works, thats all I know, it works.

    Sincerely, Alvin R.Castain,Jr.

  • TaxAndControl2010 says:

    Learn more about the campaign to legalize, control, and tax cannabis in California at And become a fan of the campaign on Facebook at Thanks!

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