There are a lot of marijuana websites out there so we’re pleased that you’ve managed to find us. We scour the web all the time for information about medical marijuana and even now, after all this time, we still find difficulties sorting the good from the bad. If it’s tough for us it must be even tougher for the occasional browser and it was this realisation that led to the publication of this next post; we suggest you bookmark it so you don’t lose it among all that dross out there.

First stop on your search for marijuana information (apart from here, of course!) should be the NORML website. NORML, a non-profit, public-interest group, was founded in 1970 and aim to provide a voice for the responsible marijuana user.

If you’re looking for good quality medical research, type Granny Storm Crow into your search engine of choice. Storm Crow is a well-respected teacher’s aid who is now in her 60s, married to a disabled man on SSI. She lives in California and leads a ‘normal’ life. However, Storm Crow has a secret life too; she is, in her own words ‘a secret, international, medical cannabis activist.’ Having discovered that marijuana cured her lifelong, disabling migraines, Storm Crow made it her purpose to not only research the medical benefits of this amazing plant, but to make that research available to anybody who needed it; hence Storm Crow’s List. We do not give a URL because you can find it in a number of places – once you know what you’re looking for!

If you want to grow your own marijuana medicine, we recommend How to Grow Marijuana. We’ll be upfront in here by telling you that this is our sister site and by also admitting that it’s a site that was let out to grass (good eh?) while we concentrated on building the site your reading now. We are now in the process of bringing How to Grow Marijuana up to a quality we can be proud of.

To see the view from the other side – and you should know what the opposition are thinking and saying, take a look at the US Drug Enforcement Agency site. A look at this site about DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education program) is instructive too.

Blogs are a little more difficult to quantify as they tend to take a more personal view of the issue at hand, however, we recently came across the 30 Best Blogs to Learn About Medical Marijuana, where the sifting has been done for you. It was heart-warming to find that not only do we come in at position 19 overall but we are ranked first in the health and medical grouping, which is, of course our main area of focus.


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