The hijacking of Medical Weed

the hijacking of medical marijuanaI read a very thought provoking article this morning by Tom Elias, a self-styled ‘opinion columnist.’ Whatever he calls himself, he certainly got the old grey cells moving.

Discussing the recent rash of medical-marijuana profiteers alleged by four US attorneys in the Sunshine State, Elias tells the story of an unsavory character demanding money with menaces in a Los Angeles fast food outlet:

The muscular young man with greasy hair, tattered clothing and a menacing demeanor sauntered into a Los Angeles fast-food emporium the other day, his breath reeking of liquor and his demands very frank.

“Give me some money,” he demanded of a customer waiting for a breakfast burrito.

“Not on your life, smelling the way you do,” replied his intended mark. “No way am I paying for you to buy more booze.”

“That’s not what I want,” the young man scoffed. “I need my medical marijuana.”

“You expect me to buy your weed?” the fast-food customer replied, incredulous at the young man’s frankness.

“Look,” the younger man sneered in an aside to a woman standing one cash register over. “This guy don’t smoke no pot. Can you believe that?”

It is no longer difficult to obtain a doctor’s recommendation for medical cannabis; you can even obtain the recommendation you need in some of the authorized dispensaries. In fact, getting a medical marijuana recommendation is easier than getting a script for some legal drugs. In response to this farcical situation, the California Medical Association has called for across-the-board legalization and regulation of weed and dealing with it in the same way as alcohol or prescription drugs.

San Francisco prosecutor, Melinda Haag, believes the California Compassionate Use Act has been hijacked by profiteers, those motivated by money rather than compassion. She says, “We want to put to rest the notion that large marijuana businesses can shelter themselves under state law.”

Whether or not you subscribe to the ‘hijacking’ judgment, it has to be said that something is needed to cut through the current confusion.


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  • mattatat says:

    This is so funny.

    You must realize that MMJ hijacked for profit first. Very few if any people seen the medical use of weed 30 yrs ago..and it was all blackmarket for profit.

    Further the whole back dealing of legalizing through medical use is delagitamizing recreational use,which from my understanding is what brought weed to the masses in the first place. So Is It Medical or Recreational? Both? If that is the answer,then please name another medicine that is legal and recreational?

    • john says:

      is anyone surprised that someone should want the prophet from this multi 1,000,000 dollar business of medical marijuana? what isn’t done for profit? look at the fees of any professional person a doctor or a lawyer, you talk about profit, do you actually think they put all that money into education because they want to help people, the world revolves around profit. if there is an opportunity there will be someone there to profit from it is that wrong?

  • Kara Nug says:

    I understand the thought that some people may be in the marijuana business for profit rather than for compassion, but I think it’s unfair to just assume that because a dispensary is large in size or does a lot of business that it cares more about money than it does its patients’ health and comfort.

    I think that some of the largest dispensaries are best for patients because they are the most secure (make sure everyone’s rec is up to date and the doctor hasn’t been disbarred every time a patient visits), have a wide selection to help people suffering from different ailments, and can offer either better medication or cheaper medication due to their notoriety.

    Many of the large dispensary owners are the ones who are most passionate about the cause and strive to help as many patients as possible. If they’re successfully reaching the largest number of patients, why should they be punished?

    • john says:

      and we keep referring to medical marijuana dispensaries as businesses, tell me don’t the words business and profit go hand in hand, isn’t that what business is about, I don’t see anyone telling big business like oil, pharmaceuticals how much money they’re allowed to make, or how deeply they are allowed to gouge us. supply and demand, people are demanding marijuana, people are supplying it’s no big surprise.

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