The 3 Most Popular Edibles in California – And How to Get Them Delivered to Your Door

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Whether you’re new to edibles and don’t know where to start, or you’re familiar with edibles but looking for something new, venturing out into California’s vast cannabis market can be overwhelming. For those curious about what products deliver as promised, the endless process of trial and error can be time-consuming and expensive, especially having to drive all over a city like L.A. to find what you’re looking for.

We sat down with Grassdoor, a company that was founded to solve this problem, to learn more about curating California’s best cannabis products and delivering them right to your door. You can buy edibles online with Grassdoor using any mobile or desktop device and receive your delivery in as little as 45 minutes.


Edibles, Delivered.

As California’s legal cannabis market has evolved, so have the services available to consumers, including cannabis delivery. But, similar to dispensary shopping, it can be hard to know what products deliver as promised, and which ones come up short.

Curated cannabis delivery services like Grassdoor scour the state, hand-testing as many varieties, brands, and products as possible to ensure that they only carry the best of the best. Grassdoor puts in the legwork to find you the best edibles and provides reliable, convenient delivery right to your door.

Grassdoor’s 3 Most Popular Edibles in L.A.

  1. Camino Midnight Blueberry “Sleep” CBN Gummies • Kiva Confections

Price: $20

Size/Weight: 100mg

Your nighttime ritual just got a whole lot sweeter thanks to Kiva’s Camino, Midnight Blueberry with CBN. These gummies are designed to help you settle in for a smooth slumber, relaxing away from worries and distracting thoughts. Camino Midnight Blueberry (Sleep) offers a calming combination of 5 MG of THC with 1 MG of CBN, relaxing terpenes, and chamomile and lavender oils to synergistically offer Kiva’s most tranquil product yet. Until now, CBN had never been infused into an edible before, but Kiva was able to source and infused a concentrated form of this unique cannabinoid, sought-after for its settling, sleep-inducing effects.

  1. Level Protab Indica Tablets • LEVEL

Price: $25

Size/Weight: 10 x 25mg THC Tablets; 250mg per package

Take your spa day to the next level or settle into sleep with the extra-strength, ultra-relaxing effects of Level’s Indica Protab. These tiny tablets are designed to offer as close of an experience to smoking as you can get with an edible, in a vegan, gluten-free tablet that is a perfect supplement for consumers looking for longer-lasting effects (up to 6 hours). For those desiring a lighter dose, each tablet is scored to make it easy to adjust the dosage to your needs. Onset is typically 30-90 minutes and effects typically last 3-6 hours.

CBD Drops 1:1 • CBD (Care By Design) Products

Price: $45

Size/Weight: 15ml/600mg (Total Cannabinoids)

Care By Design’s 1:1 Drops is a long-time favorite of those looking for comfort. Find fast-acting CBD relief in easy-to-use drops that come with a measured dropper. The 1:1 ratio means each tincture contains full-spectrum CBD as well as THC, the minor cannabinoids THCa and CBDa, and flavorful terpenes. Equal parts CBD to THC, this ratio is potent and powerful. These tinctures are ideal for unwinding at the end of the day and promoting a restful night’s sleep and are designed for more experienced users. Onset is typically 15-120 minutes and effects typically last 2-10 hours.

Order Your Edibles Now

Buying edibles online with Grassdoor is very straightforward. LEVEL products are available on both the ASAP and Scheduled menus, meaning you can get them in as little as 45 minutes, or schedule a delivery for later today or tomorrow. If you’re scheduling a delivery, you will find CBD (Care By Design) and Kiva’s Camino products available in a variety of flavors and ratios.

To make your purchase, select which menu you wish to shop from, scroll down to the edibles section, and click on an item’s picture to add it to the cart, or select the “i” icon for more information. Once you’ve loaded up your cart, complete your order and wait for your delivery driver to arrive. Pay him or her with cash and you’re ready to dive into the best edibles that deliver as promised.

Let us know how your delivery experience went and what your favorite edibles were in the comments below.



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