Federal Government to Back Off Marijuana Enforcement?

Congressional Candidate Goodman Supports U.S. House Bill for Fed. Gov’t. to Back Off Marijuana Enforcement.

Roger Goodman For Congress

KIRKLAND, WA- Congressional Candidate Roger Goodman on the 23rd of June released a statement in support of legislation of marijuana by rep Barney Frank (D-Mass.) and Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) to limit the federal government’s role in marijuana enforcement and give states the right decide how to regulate marijuana.

“I am really pleased to see that Congress has finally come around with a proposal for the federal government to back off and allow states to regulate marijuana in a rational manner. I understand this is just a first step and a lot of work remains to tip the balance in favour of responsible marijuana policy.

“With the opportunity to serve in Congress myself, I will looking forward to championing marijuana reform as I have done successfully in the WA state legislature. We are now at crucial point both culturally and politically on this important issue. Let’s see how this current proposal fares in Congress. In the meanwhile, I will continue to exert leadership on this issue to promote sensible marijuana policy on the national level.”

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Authorized by Roger Goodman for Congress

Please share your thoughts on whether the federal government should back off marijuana enforcement in legal medical marijuana states.


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  • cory says:

    They shouldn’t just legalize mm in a few states. it should b 4 the whole world.

    It’s not fair just for a few to be legalized. i have serious depression problems. if i dont smoke when i first get up my day goes right down from there. help legalize it thru out the world.

  • jay says:

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