Religion versus Marijuana in Colorado

state flag coloradoA Path of Total Destruction

It was only a matter of time before the church got vocal about their stand on legalization of marijuana in Colorado. The clock is ticking and a law that would allow anyone who is over 21 years old to obtain marijuana for their own recreational use could very well be passed soon. Less then a dozen church pastors publicly expressed their concern about the hazards of marijuana, mainly claiming it will most definitely lead to other drugs. To be precise, one of the main arguments presented by Bishop Acen Phillips was that if we accept the legalization of marijuana we’d be heading down a path of total destruction.

Drugs Are Bad

Now, every time an extreme definition or a senseless argument comes along, it can’t really be taken seriously. Marijuana leading down a path of total destruction seems as if the church relies more on some skewed traditional values that don’t really work anymore. The premise “drugs are bad, mkay?” has been outdated for a long time and today it holds no significance whatsoever, especially because of the great number of marijuana studies and research on the topic. And yes, this is not medical marijuana we’re talking here, its recreational marijuana. Still, think how many people who suffer from pain will be able to get a hold of the drug now? How many people will turn away from pharmaceuticals? These questions remain to be answered but we bet the numbers will be in our favor.

Medical Marijuana Card Abuse

However, these priests are still very much against the idea, also claiming that the 12 years of medical marijuana in Colorado has damaged the community enough since the ministers supposedly saw medical marijuana cards in the hands of children. That’s not really a matter of availability of medical marijuana cards but a matter of irresponsible parenting. And of course, all these arguments are provided under the disguise that marijuana is ruining children’s lives and that’s what’s at stake here. However, the pro-marijuana group quickly published a list of priests who support the legalization of marijuana. And it’s like that with pretty much every issue in this ongoing struggle.

The Truth

Rev. Bill Kirton doesn’t smoke pot because he “does not like the stuff“, meaning that he must have tried it at least once.  However, even though he’s not a hardcore marijuana supporter, he believes that it would better to legalize marijuana than to send so many people to jail over ridiculous amounts of the drug. In fact, he even said that some of his colleagues most definitely smoked marijuana in the past. We guessed that was a common thing among pastors. Considering the fact that so many of them spend so much time on their own in secluded places, smoking cannabis has to come up at some point. Rev. Kirton believes most of his colleagues are for the legalization of marijuana but are afraid to speak out because of the possible consequences they might face. He seems more relaxed and casual about it since he retired and really has nothing to lose. So, we’re with him on this one.


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