More Practitioners to Prescribe MMJ

seattle-medical-marijuanaIn Seattle there’s a move to give more health-care professionals authority to prescribe medical marijuana.

Senate Bill 5798 expands the list of licensed medical practitioners to include:

  • Physicians’ assistants
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Naturopathic physicians

Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles, one of the bill’s sponsors, explains:

“The reason is that, especially in rural areas in the state and away from Puget Sound, because of long distances, many people do not see M.D.s. They see nurse practitioners and physicians assistants who have prescriptive authority.”

Apparently the bill passed through the House on Wednesday with ‘little debate.’ Although two amendments were added that dealt with how the prescriptions should be written.  These amendments mean that the bill will need to go back to the Senate for approval.

Medical Marijuana: Washington State


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  • jim says:

    im looking for a doctor in Vancouver or Seattle area who percribe you the card. can anyone help point me in the right direction. much thanks

  • gary says:

    Who in vancouver will prescribe this and where does one buy it?

  • kevin franklin says:

    where in or around tacoma can i find a perscribing dr. and a place to buy it?

  • Ed Snyder says:

    Is it ok to ask a question?

    Wa. State statute 69 does not refer at all about Cannabis seeds
    Can we take donations for 15 seeds to our M M patient.
    Is there an opinion on Cannabis hash?
    Does the State or the Prosectecting attorneys in the State have opinion (or a answer) on these questions?

    Ed Snyder

  • Bradley M Luvaas Sr says:

    I heard it helps asama patents?. Is this true and are their any side effect to be concerned about when using this drug?

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