Arizona Pre-registration Does Not Exist

When Arizona voted for legal medical marijuana there was an understandable flurry of patients seeking to register on the state scheme – we wrote at the time that it will be April 2011 before the program is open to registrants. Now, that might be a pain in the butt, but it’s going to take that long to set up the administrative systems together with checks and balances. We have been concerned to hear from a number of our readers that a so called medical marijuana college  has been set up to offer pre-registration and instruction. They are charging between $100 and $£250 a class.

Let’s get one thing clear, right now, before you part with any of your hard earned cash – there is no pre-registration program in Arizona. The only body authorized to issue medical marijuana cards is  Arizona Department of Health Services and they haven’t even released the application forms yet.

The instruction on offer is no more than public information, which is freely available on the internet, not least here, in our post How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Arizona, or if you want to wade through it, you can read the entire Arizona Medical Marijuana Act.

In one class at this fake college, there were 30 people present, each of whom had paid $100 for the privilege of sitting on a folding metal chair in a tiny room. Given that this ‘college’ hosts classes twice-a-day, four-days-a-week, according to my abysmal math, that works out to a lot of money.

We like to think we’re the best value marijuana site around – good, honest, up-to-date information for free – but we know there are others too. Of course, we’d like to be your chosen supplier of information but, if it stops you lining the pockets of hastily set up colleges, we’d even be happy with you going to our competitor sites from time-to-time.


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  • Dan K. says:

    good article. Im tired of seeing so many blood suckers taking money already. I’ll take money from advertisers but charge nothing to share and promote information. You guys have a good thing going and it is important we have a strong united front against scammers.

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