Percolator Bong: What You Need to Know


Percolator Bong

Percolator bongs are all the rage these days when it comes to marijuana use. Every cannabis user has their favorite way of enjoying the substance. Vaporizers and bongs are among the most popular means of partaking of this popular substance today; with percolator bongs now being touted to be much better than simple traditional bongs.

If you have been considering investing in one of these, but are yet to make up your mind, you have come to the right place. Below, you will find out what you need to know about this specially designed bong.

What Is A Percolator Bong?

Simply put, this is a specially designed bong that comes with an extra marijuana smoke filtration system usually included in the main shaft.  Percolator bongs are usually immersed in water to enhance their cooling and filtration effects.

How A It Works

A percolator bong is designed to help further cool the hot smoke drawn from the marijuana, by passing it through more water through an advanced diffusion system. The percolator also helps filter out more tar and ash contained in the marijuana smoke. Altogether, the end result of using this bong is a softer smoother hit for the user.

To achieve the above, the percolator is designed in such a way that smoke coming from the water chamber in the bowl passes through a system of narrow spaces; enabling the splitting of large bubbles into very small ones. This helps increase the surface area of the smoke coming into contact with water. The resulting effect is additional cooling, and further removal of tar and any ash carried by the smoke.

It is however worth noting that, splitting and forcing the smoke bubbles through an additional water chamber does substantially affect the user experience. Percolators increase the level of drag; forcing users to use more effort when drawing smoke through the bong. The smaller the channels in the percolator, the higher the level of drag introduced.

Percolator Bong Types

When shopping around, you will find that there are many different types of percolator bongs available for sale. The main distinguishing factor is their design. Each different type is designed to enhance the cooling and filtration effects of the percolator, without substantially affecting the user experience. Carefully assess the trade-off between performance and effects on user experience before settling on your chosen type of percolator bong.

In conclusion, these bongs are designed to facilitate a smooth smoking experience by amplifying the benefits of passing marijuana smoke through a water bath. It is however worth mentioning that the assumption that their use results into a more potent high is incorrect; they do not enhance THC intake levels. In actual sense more THC is lost, to the percolator glass, when they are used; however, these losses are insignificant.

At this point you have a clear idea of what this bong is, and what it isn’t. If you are interested in experiencing a smoother smoking experience, without any coughing, then you should seriously consider getting one of these.


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