First Medical Marijuana Dispensary in New Jersey

Greenleaf CenterAs the first medical marijuana dispensery in New Jersey opens its doors to patients, it was announced on Monday that by the end of the year first prescriptions would be filled.

The long wait is finally over

Greenleaf Compassion Center is the first facility in New Jersey with a permit to grow cannabis and to sell it to registered patients. Currently, there are about 320 patients in the state of New Jersey with “debilitating medical conditions” who have been registered or are in the process of registration, said Mary O’Dowd, state health commissioner.

These conditions include HIV, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis and inflammatory bowel disease – to name a few. According to O’Dowd, the Center has received its final permit and now it’s all in their hands – they can begin dispensing medical marijuana any time they like.  Registration fee is $200, however, almost half of the patients come from the low-income group and thus will be charged only $20.

During the telephone press conference O’Dowd also said that, besides Greenleaf Compassion Center, there are five other centers that are currently in different stages of the permit process.

Meticulous rules and regulations

Greenleaf Center got its first permit earlier this year, in April, but the opening was delayed because of a problem with an air conditioner that is now resolved. The CEO of the Center says that getting the final permitting was a tough job and unlike any other business they’ve done before – almost unbelievable. The rules and regulations are extremely strict, however,

Jersey’s quest for medical marijuana has had some unnecessary delays. Development of the overall medical marijuana program in New Jersey has even been criticized for taking too long.  This delay does not come as a surprise if you look closely at New Jersey’s program that is said to be one of the country’s strictest medical marijuana programs.

Greenleaf will soon sell its first leaves

Located in Monclair, the Center won’t be growing marijuana in New Jersey, but it will sell there.  For security reasons, the growing location cannot be made public. CEO Stevens and his partner, COO and former police officer Julio Valentin both say that they are ready to contact patients.

So, during next week the 190 patients, who have registered with the state, will get their identification cards – which will also be sent to their physicians. The remaining 130 patients are still in the process of registration – hopefully it won’t take too long for them.

A step forward

Years of political battles and bureaucratic delays are finally over for patients in New Jersey and the first dispensary can open whenever it’s ready, which will be any time now, according to Greenleaf’s CEO who said that there are some remaining issues to finalize with the state before they are ready.

“This permit marks a significant step forward in the implementation of New Jersey’s Medicinal Marijuana Program and allows Greenleaf Compassion Center to begin dispensing medicinal marijuana to qualified patients” O’Dowd said.


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  • First Hand I want to thank you for all you have done for our movement,and you are an inspiration for disabled people such as myself,and others with chronic problems.I like the word chronic much better when it relieves chronic pain with the sativa plant.pot,marijuana,so on.This country is bass ackwards in there thinking.They legalize alcohol,cigarets,THE WORST REAL DRUGS ON THE PLANET!All the uses,and $$$ to be saved for each state.Lower bullshit medical expenses,and make this a healthier,happier,more peaceful world,but here I am preaching to the quire!sorry.I want to know how I can contribute to making this wonderful plant legal country/nationwide.Now is the time we have been pushed around by government,congress,and anybody else who tries to play hero.IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT THAN DON’T SMOKE IT!That is great ,and leaves more for the people,such as me with daily 24/7 pain.You know what it is like to go on with endless nights of sleep,another danger to us all.I live in pennsylvania as of now,but would move tomorrow if I could,but I am temporarily stuck here because of laws that prevent our movement.I would like to know if there is anything I could do in this state to speed things up,as the courts,and congress moves at there own snails pace.I could go on and on ,but I AM ASKING FOR YOU TO HELP ME HELP YOU MAKE THIS RIGHT ONCE AND FOR ALL,I THOUGHT THIS WAS A FREE COUNTRY WHAT A BUNCH OF B/S.TEMPORARILY STUCK IN PENNSYLVANIA,AND LOOKING FOR GENTLEMAN LIKE YOU WITH THE SAME MENTALITY AS EACH OTHER!FRUSTRATED FULLY IN PHILLY,AND IT IS NOT THE LEAST BIT SILLY. I WANT TO THANK YOU FOR LISTENING TO ME VENT,I AM A GROWN MAN NOT A SMALL CHILD,HELP ME TO HAVE A CHOICE ONCE IN A WHILE.THANK YOU KYLE!

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