A New Hope for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

The Berkley Patients Group

The Berkley Patients Group has been around for a really long time. Their BPG dispensary provides medical marijuana patients with weed, edibles, concentrates and extracts, depending on the condition or the preferred method of consumption. The dispensary itself was and still is one of the largest dispensaries in California and it was wrong to assume a collective with such a strong reputation was going to go down only because the government says so.


The Problem

Their biggest problem was their vicinity to the local school and, to be honest, it doesn’t really take much to introduce high quality marijuana to school kids these days, especially if the provider is only a block away. US Attorney Melinda Haag probably had the same thing in mind when she threatened to close down the dispensary.

The Solution

Faced with Mrs. Haag’s strong and reliant decision, BPG had two options: adapt or close up shop. They chose the former and now they are in the process of renovating what was once an A&W restaurant and turning it into a new dispensary. The advantage of the new location is its acceptable distance from the local school. However, with the new location come new regulations.

The Rules

The Medical Cannabis Commission has a certain set of rules that promote high operational and security standards, and these have to be met by BPG in order to open and operate a medical marijuana dispensary. At the same time, they have to prove they can operate under the California marijuana law as well. That’s why this move is not exactly set in stone but considering their long lasting medical marijuana practice – there shouldn’t be any problems with that.

Going The Extra Mile

Basically the owners of the dispensary have a simple but effective tactic: they decided to go well over what is expected of them. So, in line with this ambitious endeavor, they installed an eight-foot fence around the new location and several security cameras that will monitor every angle in and around the dispensary. Security personnel will be employed as well; in order to make sure the marijuana related products go into the hands of those who need them most.  The new and improved BPG dispensary will also have a pathway for patients with disabilities.

There Is Hope

Recently, hundreds of letters were sent to the owners of the dispensaries with the clear intention of shutting them down. Many of them folded and closed up shop, mainly because they don’t have the time or money to adapt to the newly imposed regulations. Still, now is the time to be creative and adapt, which means that only the most capable will manage to have a sustainable medical marijuana business and provide the necessary medicine to their patients. Consequently, this will guarantee a better and safer environment for everyone involved.

Hopefully, many other dispensaries will follow in the footsteps of the Berkley Patients Group and show there is life after ban in the medical marijuana business.


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