medical marijuana for DCOn Monday, 26 July, 2010, medical marijuana became legal in the Washington District of Columbia when Congress declined to overrule a Council bill allowing the formation of up to eight cannabis dispensaries. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton said, “We have faced repeated attempts to re-impose the prohibition on medical marijuana in D.C. throughout the layover period,” said Norton. “Yet, it is D.C.’s business alone to decide how to help patients who live in our city and suffer from chronic pain and incurable illnesses.” It will be some months before the sanctioned dispensaries are opened for business however.

Under the new legislation, patients suffering from severe and chronic medical conditions, including cancer and glaucoma, will be allowed to possess a maximum of four ounces of usable cannabis, which they must obtain from licensed companies. Patients will not be permitted to grow their own marijuana and will need a doctor’s prescription before obtaining their medication. The drug will be subject to an agreed 6% sales tax and those D.C residents who qualify will get their medication free or at a reduced cost.

Those who are granted a license to grow marijuana will be limited to growing a maximum of 95 plants at an agreed location and penalties will be put in place to deter the cultivation of any more than that.


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  • Viola Bowman says:

    Funny how Washington, D.C. can make it legal for Medical Marijuana, and 3/4 of the other part of the United States is not.

    We live in Missouri, husband is ill (very ill) and still must work to get his tenure for another 4 months, he has gotten hurt at work so many times that you lose tract, but refuses to report 90% of his injuries because his company will hold it against him! Yet they let (tell him he must) work on all these meds Our question is if you go to another state that is legal and visit for 3 or 4 weeks and try this, will it show up on a drug test?

    What can the employer do to you if your doctor from the other state writes the script and you follow it in another state? DO insurance companies cover this under the 3rd tier meds?

    He is only 51 and has the body of a 80 yr old man, due to work he did 20 years ago, which involved the goverment! and we all know you can not sue the goverment or the company that he worked for which has went out of business, he has tumors on bothe his feet, they are now saying arthritis in his shoulder, back, hip and legs. he walks with 2 canes and sleeps very little but is on fentanyal 1000 patches, oxcodne 7.5’s two every 4 hours, celebrax and aciplex and a sleeping pill, and a nerve pill, beside the normal vitiams that we poke down ourselves daily!

    What can or should i do? He is at the point of giving up and….. not….. well you know….

  • royce jacobs says:

    Question, if I have a cardwill my prescription be paid by my health insurance company?

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