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Well, we’re getting there, gradually building our library of facts, figures and useful information about medical marijuana.  However, not a day goes by without medical cannabis appearing in the news.  Sometimes the news is funny, sometimes tragic and sometimes it’s ‘must know’ facts.  Hence this new section of the site.

We scan the news everyday for topics of interest but, even with the best will in the world, we can’t cover it all.  And that, of course, is where you come in.  If you spot a news item – whether it’s local to you or national – let us know and wherever possible we’ll include it here.  Until we can dream up a better, easier to navigate system, all news items will be linked from this master post.

Read, enjoy and, most importantly, interact!

Colorado want an extra $186,000 to process marijuana card registrations!

New Jersey becomes 15th Medical Marijuana State

Meeting of the San Diego Medical Marijuana Task Force 21 January, 2010

New Medical Marijuana Legislation for Maryland?

Over 500 LA Dispensaries to Close?

Marijuana for Minors?

Medical Marijuana and the Second Amendment

Montana Medical Marijuana Moratorium

Colorado Dispensaries to Turnover $1.72 million in 2010

Free Cannabis Dispensary Finder Released

Cannabis and IBS – would you like to help with research?

Iowa Backs Medical Marijuana

California Cannabis Trials

Is Skin Color the Basis for San Diego Cannabis Prosecution?

New Condition added to New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program

Fort Collins, CO Vote 6:1 in Favor of Dispensary Restrictions

Seattle Widens Prescribing Permits

Colorado Marijuana Dispensary Raids Must Stop

Mesa County Moratorium

Medical marijuana legislation in Maryland has been approved

Medical Marijuana Laws State by State


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