Will New York Legalize Medical Marijuana Soon?

marijuana possesion New YorkYou might have heard that recently both Washington State and Colorado legalized marijuana. That’s right, and not just for medical purposes but for recreational use as well – if you’re over 21 that is. Shortly afterwards (literally 2 days later), Massachusetts legalized marijuana but only for medical purposes. In light of these events, it was only a matter of time before other states start to ponder this idea as well. Unsurprisingly, New York is thinking it could go down the same road.

Lobbying for Medical Marijuana

It is important to note that the three already mentioned ballots were a result of the people who pushed the ballots so much that politicians simply couldn’t their heads in the other direction. However, New York is trying a somewhat different route. The initiators of the New York medical marijuana legalization are marijuana production companies who seem to believe this is the best time to push this particular ballot forward.  Companies without lobbyists can’t really do much so that’s why they turned to one of the most powerful lobbyists in the country – Patricia Lynch Associates in order to spread the word on the powerful traits of this fantastic plant.

In a recent poll, it seems that 61% of New Yorkers favor the use of marijuana as a medicine and thankfully – the New York State Medical Society is up for is as well. Senator Diane Savino (do we have to emphasize the fact she is a democrat?) believes the momentum should be used to benefit the patients in dire need of herbal pain relief in the long run. According to her, it’s only a matter of time before they succeed in their goal.

The Economic Benefits

Marijuana is 1.5 billion dollar industry and that fact shouldn’t be ignored but embraced. For instance, in Colorado marijuana plants have barcodes and are put under video surveillance. Soon, coffee shops will be popping around Colorado and Washington State, making marijuana taxable and highly profitable. This will inevitably create more jobs and regulate an industry that has been legally ignored during the last couple of decades.

The Battle Continues

The same thing could happen in New York, only not for recreational use at first but as a medicinal aid. Considering the fact New York is the “Marijuana Arrest Capital of the World” this would be even too appropriate. Of course, not everything is green and dandy in New York and the first to rebel against this are the New York Law Enforcement authorities who believe that the risks still outweigh the benefits which is something a pretty huge number of medical marijuana patients tend to disagree with. For people, groups or authorities, the reasons to rebel against marijuana are pretty much always the same: it’s a gateway drug, it will only make matters worse and our personal “favorite”: its evil.


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  • Jason Saporito says:

    Yeah listen to us New York…really how to the risks of medical use outweigh the benefits..They people have alot to do to obtain the medical marijuana, and the people who suffer in chronic pain like myself could definitely use this as a help..If we are the capitol of marijuana arrests im sure a great number need the plant to get through daily life..yes its a gateway drug..but do u think that a few times a month you can’t drug test a medical user to see if other drugs other than prescribed medication is in their system..and if so they can be stripped of their id cards?? think about that NY!!!

  • mike says:

    Depends if a select few get rich first.it would be stupid if they didnt why would they legalize alcohol and tobbaco and opiods and then try to tell us pot is bad. its the money that surrounds illegal activities that cause the harm not pot. Let the rich and powerful get all the money and pot will be legal tomorrow lets all stop kidding are selves money buys every thing, right wallstreet.

  • Karen says:

    In having 3 sons that were teens at the same time I would prefer that they smoked than drink . Still now it is more enjoyable to be with them when they smoke rather than drink. One can control cannabis as drinking controls the person . I am a firm believer in the use of cannabis over booze. Now that I am 66 I too use every day for my pains. As far as them legalizing for all uses I agree that they should even on the Federal level as you know many don’t inhale right?…lol

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