Senator Rory Respicio is lobbying medical professionals on the island of Guam for their support in legalizing the medical use of marijuana. He believes that he can get the support of Guam Medical Association president-elect Dr. Thomas Shieh and also of Dr. Chris Dombrowski.  Dr Dombrowski is a veteran of the medical marijuana debate.

The aptly named Bill 420: The Compassionate Health Care Act of 2010 calls for measures to allow specially licensed doctors to prescribe marijuana to those suffering from debilitating, medical conditions.

Legislation would require the introduction of ‘tools of administration,’ including forms, processes, and regulations, as well as the development of compassionate care centers.

In a letter to his peers, Respicio writes: “There is a large body of evidence that shows that the use of cannabis has brought relief and comfort to a number of suffering individuals. Several have approached me, including some veterans, who believe that cannabis could ease their pain and suffering.”

This veteran democrat certainly has a sense of drama; he introduced Bill 420 at 4.20 pm because, the local TV station says, “this is a time internationally recognized as the designated time for recreational smoking of cannabis.”  Yes, well…

However, Respicio wants us to know that this levity doesn’t mean he supports the recreational use of cannabis, “We’re not advocating the use of cannabis for recreational types of activity at all,” he clarified.

Not all islanders are supportive of Respicio’s plans.  Take Iris Gonzales, for example, “Hell no!” she said, “I mean any Tom Dick and Harry no, no.”  Mary Fay Carpio adds, “I don’t think it’s a good idea to legalize marijuana for Guam. It’s a bad influence for the children.”

Let’s leave the last word to Senator Respicio himself, “I just ask the people of Guam to pause for a moment and if they’re afraid of something I am trying to do, they really should be more afraid of something like alcohol and the effects it has on the human mind and body more than the effects marijuana has.”

And so say all of us…

Where is it legal to use medical marijuana?



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  • Rae Brown says:

    My name is Rae Brown , i have been suffering on Guam for a whole year . In my head is pure insanity , but on the outside i show a suffering individual with Parkinson’s Disease . I was diagnosed in February 2012 with Parkinsons disease and schitzophrenia . I see things and have 4 voices 24 hours on all 7 days of the week . I dont get a break or have a romote that i can press pause on my brain . I can not lie i do have to admit that i have all these issues with my anxiety , muscle spasms ; shaking , supervintricular trachycardia , irregular heartbeat , and walking issues , i caused with drug use . I know these issues are my fault and i admit to that , but i didn’t have a drug class to teach me that the causes of drugs could be this bad . No one taught me that drugs can be painful later on and i deserve every issue i have , no argument there . Dont do drugs was all that i was informed , oh and that drugs could lead to vaginal diseases . I am a 19 year old stripper on Guam because i cant hold a regular job because how i sleep to much or have to go to the doctors and cant make it to work . I lay down and the lights are off and i cant feel my body . I cry almost every night . I honestly would harm myself if it didn’t mean God wouldn’t except me into heaven . I can see my boyfriend is getting hopeless each day that goes by . He goes out a lot more which means im stuck at home alone for hours . A person as crazy in the head as me shouldn’t be home alone . I hear so much shit and see so many people in my house . I shake so much that after a while it pisses me off and i hit things . I dont want any sympathy or anything from anyone else except one little joint or bowl that makes me happy , calms me down , and allows me to hear 4 whispering voices while i watch tv or listen to music , the tone of my voice gets softer , and my movements are like a blur to my eyes that makes it so i cant feel the moving . I understand i used the drugs so i have could get high off of meth and ecstasy , but weed is not a drug . It is a herb like medicine . Just as all drugs have been used for so many medications doctors give out and are still being used by teens today . Weed is a controlled substance used to help all the people on Guam that suffer everyday like me . I have so many people that point and laugh at me because the way i walk . I cant feel my legs when i walk down stairs . If medical marijuana was distributed in Guam i would finally have 2 or 3 medications to take instead of 15 .

  • RRC says:

    I got into a really bad car accident. I was passed out, and woke up in the car, i was in excruciating pain and couldn’t move. My friend was lying his head on my shoulder, i didn’t realize he had already died. After the accident i had many broken and fractured bones and internal bleeding. I had multiple surgeries. Now i suffer backaches due to a fractured spine, and pain on my pelvis when it rains or when i’m somewhere cold due to the metals in my pelvis. When i was hospitalized they gave me large amounts of demerol in the syringe, and percs because of all the trauma done. Even though i am prescribed to percocet for pain and respirdal for sleep now, i choose NOT to take any of it. I don’t even like to take tylenol even when i know i need it. The thing is the pills have almost no affect on me unless i take a larger dose. Why can’t it be necessary to to just smoke marijuana for both pain and sleep without having trouble with the law? Marijuana is NOT addictive. People who say it’s addictive is only a psychological addiction. They don’t NEED the high; however, they just LIKE it. I am not advocating the use of marijuana, I highly recommend prescribed marijuana for medical use to those who need it and i know many doctors will too. Be smart about it and don’t use this nature for the wrong reasons.

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