Medical Marijuana and Epilepsy

medical marijuana may help treat epilepsyA recent UK study has discovered that marijuana could used to treat epilepsy.

Epileptic seizures are caused when bundles of nerve cells in the brain send the wrong signal and are characterized by strange sensations and/or behaviour at the time of ‘misfiring.’

The exciting news is that researchers at the University of Reading have found that some of the compounds contained in marijuana are effective at relieving these seizures. The compounds undergoing assessment are Cannabidiol (CBD) and GWP42006, both of which have been highly effective at preventing seizures in animals. Trials into the effect on humans are to begin within the next three years.

Dr Ben Whelley, who heads up the research team, commented, “There was a stigma associated with cannabis that came out from the 60s and 70s associated with recreational use, so people have tended not to look at it medical benefits.”

As we know, marijuana is helpful in relieving a number of medical conditions – it seems we can add another one to the list.


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  • Cindy Lou says:

    I have epilepsy and degenerative disk disorder in my back. Which both get worse as time go’s on.

    I’m in exstrem pain and have seizures almost ever day. I have to find some relief some how. I would be willing to to be studied in the effects on my disorders because a friend of mine that has MS ask me to smoke some with them so I tried it and it did help and I need to try it again to see if it did as well as I think it did.

  • Antione Motley says:

    Hi my husbands name is Antione and he’s a MI mm patient and he suffers from epilepsy and ibs and when he doesn’t have any cannabis he well go back into having Seizure.

    He is taking his dilation. But when hes using both lil to none have come about and the burning in hes head can stop also.cannabiss has helped him to eat and it stops him from being so parinoid Keeps his anzity to a low . Cannabiss is getting him thu this pain he’s suffring thu whit his neck. He have a c3 fractur and he’s been telling me that the paine is unbarrabil. But god and cannabiss is all the medaction he needs.

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