Medical Cannabis a Growth Industry

In our recent post on weed and the economy I referred to the fact that some pundits are claiming that the medical marijuana industry could save the economy.  Proof, if any was needed, comes from Windsor in Colorado, where the town’s three medical marijuana dispensaries appear to be on track for a combined sales of $1.72 million in 2010.  Last month (January), the combined tax revenue from the three businesses was $4,602.  A quick mathematical calculation shows that, at a tax rate of 3.2%, the combined sales figure for January was $143,800.

When the projected sales figures for all dispensaries in the region are added together, the turnover for 2010 is an astonishing $6.5 million.

Critics believe that these figures are a direct result of  Amendment 20, Medical Use of Marijuana and claim that the result proves medical marijuana is an industry rather than a treatment.  Supporters would, I suspect, claim that the figures simply demonstrate the efficacy of medical cannabis, while arguing that ‘approved’ medications come from the pharmacy industry.

Whatever your view, it seems the government might be missing a trick.

Medical Marijuana in Colorado


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  • Extreme says:

    I would love to see figures on income from pharmaceutical companies. How much do you think they make Tylenol for? Man, they sell it for $8/bottle! How many bottles in a year for every store x every city x whole state. I’ll bet just for Tylenol alone its more than than the cannabis #.

    Someone give me some numbers pleasseee!!! This whole country is all markets and industry’s. It drives everything from pharmaceuticals to government to medical cannabis. There has to be profit from medical cannabis just like there has to be profit for GM, FORD, and the friendly makers of TYLENOL.

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