On the 1st January this year, thirteen like-minded Arkansans met to start working together as “an independent legislative task force addressing the medicinal use of cannabis.”  The group, Arkansans for Medical Cannabis, is already seeing tangible results of their efforts. Their stated mission is to:

…Educate the public on the Medical benefits of Cannabis. Our goal is to ensure that the Citizens of Arkansas regain their right as defined by our Constitution to decide for themselves what an appropriate method of medication is WITHOUT government intervention.

Currently, members are working together, reviewing the elements of intended legislation, to be submitted in accord of due process to the 2011 Arkansas General Assembly. And, last week the group released the third draft of their Medicinal Cannabis Act of 2011 for public comment.  To get further invovled, visit the group’s Facebook page

Where is it legal to use Medical Marijuana?


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  • Jeryn says:

    My grandmother raised me after my mother died of cancer in 1981. The doctors of that time told my grandmother that if she could get marijuana for my mother, they would make a place for her to administer her dosage.

    Eight years ago my grandmother was diagnosed with Alzhiemer’s Disease. The doctors had her on all kinds of chemicals and she had turned into an angry, confused, zombie-like shadow of her former self. Five years into her illness I decided to take her off of all the chemicals that we believed to be unnecessary.

    We treated her anxiety with pot. She not only came out of her apathetic mindset, she scored higher on her memory test. All the tests for the first five years showed a decending trend. After we started with our home therapy her testscore went up by 7 points!!

    Her last three years were still plagued by Alzhiemers but she lived those years with great enjoyment and the ability to make us all laugh and have a better experience.

    For a caregiver, Alzhiemers Disease is very turbulent and it’s hard to deal with your loved one. Without this blessing in plant form, I don’t think we would have been able to finish the job that we were meant to do. If there is any way I can help to bring this miracle to other people in Arkansas and the country for that matter….SIGN ME UP!!

  • TIME is running short. PLEASE visit the web site and Face Book to sign the on-line “support petition! The CITIZENS MUST make this HAPPEN!

    Contact: Robert Reed, 501-291-0281 a4mc@gmx.com

    Arkansans are being DENIED alternative medical treatment which impact our veterans and those who suffer from ill health while costing the state Millions in tax dollars.

    WHAT: Medical Cannabis Educational Roundhouse: Putting it in Perspective
    WHEN: 9am-2pm Wed, Jan 12 & Thurs, 13th
    WHERE: Rotunda, Arkansas State Capital Building, Little Rock, Arkansas
    NEWS RELEASE: Medical Cannabis goes to the State Capitol

    This January, supporters will meet with physicians, law enforcement and patients to discuss medical cannabis legislation with members of the Arkansas General Assembly. The groups purpose is to to educate legislators and the public about the many accepted medical uses, research and similar laws that have passed in 15 other states and D.C.

    Terry L. Nelson, Customs and Border Protection Aviation/Marine Group Supervisor, Dept. of Homeland Security (Ret.), representing Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) will be in attendance and speaking both days about why Cannabis (marijuana) should become medically available. Dr. Lester Grinspoon, Associate Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and author of “Marijuana, the Forbidden Medicine”, is scheduled via Skype for a live interview at 11am Wed, Jan 12th. Grinspoon is one of the countries leading experts on medical cannabis.

    The sponsor of the event A4MC or Arkansans for Medical Cannabis, has been busy lobbying legislators to introduce medical Cannabis legislation for more than a year. “If a doctor thinks that cannabis will help a patient with Multiple Sclerosis or another medical condition, then they should be allowed access to it without fear of prosecution or retribution”, said Robert Reed spokesperson of A4MC.

    Medical Cannabis (Marijuana) is a safe, natural, Nontoxic, non-lethal and effective alternative medicine that has been used world wide for medical purposes for centuries. Cannabis has been shown to help in more than 30 major medical conditions such as epilepsy, cancer (Breast/Prostate), AIDS, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis and more, with no deaths being caused by the medication. The American Medical Association (AMA) is supporting removing Cannabis from its Class 1 drug schedule. Meanwhile aspirin and similar drugs claim the lives of approximately 400 citizens of the U.S. each year.

    Arkansans who are Sick and dying are not currently allowed to utilize this form of medication although it is legal under federal law. Shortcomings in Arkansas law results in our ill citizens being arrested, prosecuted, jailed, losing liberties, livelihood, and sometimes being stripped of their property.

    Other Exhibitors and information is provided by: American Medical Association AMA), Veterans for Medical Marijuana Access (VMMA), Central Arkansas NORML, and Patients Out of Time.

    The event is open free of charge to the general public both days. For additional information visit http://www.gozarks.com/a4mc or Arkansans for Medical Cannabis on face book.

    Robert L Reed
    Spokesperson Arkansans For Medical Cannabis

  • Kelly Roberts says:

    I had a major head trama from rolling a semi truck. I am lucky to be alive. This happened in May of 2010. I have had trouble with my thinking and I have been having blackouts( imagine coming to working or at a different place not knowing how you got there? scary) the only thing that I have found that does help has been Marijuana. Why is that?

    All I know is that all of the pills for pain or the spasm’s made me sick or just did not work. The biggest problem is that Marijuana is not legal, and the job I do I cannot usew this and keep it. I quit using it when I started back to work, within one month the blackouts became worse and the pressure in my head became unbearable. this came to a head in Oct of 2010. One morning I came out of a blackout with my hands around my wifes throat? I had thought I had killed her.

    That morning change my life totally, first thing you need to know that I have never laid a hand on my wife in the 22 yrs of our maraige. Second I spent 4 days in Jail. My wife did the right thing she said that I was not the man she married, and she did not know what to do. That morning after I came to I did go to get some marijuana, when I cameback to the house to talk to my wife she had called the police( She was scared and I do NOT blame her choice) I was searched and they found about a gram of marijuana.

    My questions are, why does it help with the pressure in my head?

    why do I not black out when using it?

    I do not feel the high that most feel, or I have felt before when I was in school using it, what or why is it different?

    why is something that gives me so much relieve in SO meany areas not leagal and is concidered worst to have on your person than say cocaine?

    why do we maintain a law that was put in place first for race reasons? (Cali first of 20 century due to imagrants coming from mex)

    Then in the sixties because of the Hippies. what about FREE LOVE is bad. (Acid or LSD WAS THEIR CRAZYNESS NOT MARIJUANA!)

    Marijuana is NOT gateway drug. Sugur, Caffiene, nicatine, alcohol and the biggest gateway, what ever the docter gives you for pain!

    Anyone can become addicted to anything that makes you FEEL good. Sex, shopping, eatting etc.

    Sorry got on my soap box. but I would like to talk to a docter that will listen to me and not quickly shut me out when I mention this. does anyone know a docter that will do this?

  • jerry brubaker says:

    im in the state of missouri, i am a vetern released from service July 1968 with a medical discharge.

    Arkansas is less than 10 miles away is there any docters in ark? Is it legel there yet?

    what options do i have, I’m tired of pills, i dont want to be drugged up id rather be dopped up.

    Im tired of pills having a hold on me but is my only option i know of can you help find me a way?




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