Can Marijuana Really Cure Cancer?

If you have any interest in the field of marijuana as medicine you will have seen the multitude of  cannabis as a cure for cancer videos and articles on the web. To a certain extent, I have avoided them, putting them down to hype and over-hype. Thing is, if something knocks on your door often enough and loud enough, you owe it to yourself to see if it might be of interest… And with the release of a powerful and eye-opening film about the future of cannabis-and perhaps even the future of medicine, What if Cannabis Cured Cancer, I had just had to take a look.

Back in April 2007, Harvard researchers released findings of a study into the use of THC to fight lung cancer; the results were rather astonishing, they found that this active ingredient in marijuana reduced tumor growth by 50% slowed down the spread of cancer cells within the body. However, we have to be circumspect here because the studies were carried out in test tubes and on mice. There’s no doubting though that the results were promising. Even more promising was a UK follow up study in which, for three weeks, standardized doses of THC were injected into mice implanted with human lung cancer cells. Once again, tumors were reduced in size and weight by around half compared to animals in a control group.

Since that 2007 study, more research findings have been published in the science of medical marijuana field and it appears that the active ingredients in marijuana not only limit tumor growth, they seem to do so without affecting the normal cells surrounding the cancer.

But is the hype surrounding this limited research a little too soon and in danger of creating false hope?

One inescapable fact is that the amount of cannabis required to have any effect on tumors is large; very large. In fact some experts say it is impossible for a person to take in enough cannabis to be effective. However, those who promote the use of cannabis as a cure for cancer suggest that by using cannabis oil it is possible to get enough of the active ingredient into the body and medical science supports them. The International Medical Veritas Association, who are active in righting the wrongs of the medical establishment in so many fields, has put hemp oil on its cancer protocol, along with magnesium chloride, iodine, selenium, Alpha Lipoic Acid and sodium bicarbonate. It’s only when you begin to understand that the aforementioned establishment ‘use tests and treatments that cause cancer to treat cancer’ that the futility of current cancer treatments become clear.

So why, when hemp oil is known to be one of the most versatile and beneficial substances known to man, are the powers-that-be so opposed to its use? A few facts about hemp oil:

  • Hemp oil contains a unique ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 to GLA (gamma linoelic acid) of 2:5:1 and is regarded as a superfood
  • Hemp oil contains a much higher concentration of pure GLA than any other plant – around 5%
  • Hemp oil has been used for its healing properties over many thousands of years
  • Hemp oil offers one of the most concentrated sources of plant protein

What we would like to know is what you think? Can cannabis cure cancer? Have you personal experience of marijuana helping or healing cancer? This is a huge and controversial issue, and one that deserves serious discussion. Tell us what you think.


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  • Jennifer Onno says:

    I’m Jennifer Onno from Canada and Thanks to God Almighty for allowing me to try Dr. Henderson Hemp Oil for my lungs cancer, with gratitude to Dr. Henderson i had a miraculous healing and am telling everybody about this great Healing with his Hemp Oil.

    I have been on Dr. Henderson Hemp Oil for 4months and i just went to do my Lungs Cancer test and i was told that i have no more cancer.
    God am so grateful for all you have done for me concerning my health with the Help of Dr. Henderson and his Hemp Oil service.
    If it was not for Dr. Henderson i would be regretting my life now and crying my eyes out.
    for all those who have cancer problems please contact Dr. Henderson on via email: and see to your cancer problems solved.
    I am a living witness of Dr. Henderson Hemp Oil Service and i am so grateful to him for saving my life. Doctor Henderson

    Thank you Dr. Henderson

    • pg2109 says:

      There is no Dr. Nathan Kisper, Dr. Mike Henderson, Dr. Smith Williams, Dr. Sedney Carey, Dr. Mac Donnald, Dr. Bryan Vance etc.. Only the big scammers hiding behind these names. Unfortunately I am the one of their victims. Be careful and don’t trust them and in any of their “stories”!!!

  • Tim Larson says:

    This is truely incredible. I wish I would have read this article 6 years ago when my mother was diagnost with breast cancer.

  • dre says:

    ingesting around a gram a day of pure hash oil for around 90 days is the way to go.. not talking about smoking, talking about eating a gram a day of pure concentrate.

  • Marijuana will help you alleviate your pain. Combine this with a strong spiritual faith, and Jesus is the boss who can make miracles happen.


    you can sign up for the daily devotional message and receive spiritual support from our ministry.

    Pastor Toker

    Jesus is Lord

  • Ken says: I am currently looking into all of these claims everyone check this content then judge for yourself. It seems very possible!!!!

    • Admin says:

      We are also looking into all the claims and trying to get more people to share their stories with hemp oil.

      Do you think the hemp oil made by Rick Simpson has the same medical benefits as this hemp oil: made out of the stem of the sativa hemp plant which has low levels of THC but is high in CBD?

  • lOUANN says:


  • alpha says:

    Hey i saw this same article on . anyways i think it might be possible. worth looking into. Maybe if it is processed differently and you do not smoke it. Perhaps it can be beneficial to cancer, who knows?

  • Cabeça Ativa says:

    Hi, I dont have any experience myself whatsoever, although I have created a project on cannabis in Brasil called Cabeça Ativa (active mind) and among my researches I have found 2 videos on youtube which are an interview with Dr Tashkin, he says some really important stuff about cancer and cannabis. He also said what you write regarding the amount of marijuana necessary… Dr Tashkin in 2006!

    My opinion is that as marijuana is better studied and better used in the medical field, we will get to a point where we will be able to use it nearly purely against cancer. Those are my hopes anyway 🙂

    Congrats for the good work

  • Berdine Reilly says:

    I am sure it’s hard for a lot of people to believe that smoking pot can reduce the size of a tumor in the lungs, but what about other cancers?

    I firmly believe that marijuana smoking for the past 6 years has prevented me from getting breast cancer. I carry the gene BRCA-1 gene, the gene that both my mom and sister carried and got breast cancer from.

    I have been smoking marijuana for 15 years off and on, but when I was diagnosed with the gene, I began to look into the medicinal values and anti cancer properties in marijuana. Both my mom and sister were diagnosed with breast cancer before the age of 33. Because of the family history, once my sister was diagnosed, I began smoking on a daily basis. I can honestly say, after 8 years of mamograms and blood tests to make sure no cancer had appeared, I am still cancer free. I honestly do believe that smoking marijuana daily has been the reason I am still cancer free.

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