You may think that Colorado’s medical marijuana laws pretty much ties up the use of medical weed in the state – but  you’d be wrong!

Oh, yes, they’re pretty hot at prescribing (intentional pun) who can use cannabis and what medical conditions it can be used for; they describe the primary caregiver too.  What they don’t legislate, however, is how excess plants, seeds, and foodstuffs should be disposed.  Consequently, medical marijuana products that are no longer commercially viable are dumped in the waste.

So, if you’re up to rooting through dumpsters, free weed abounds.   Now, your response may well be that you’d never let yourself be found rootling around in a dumpster.  For Luke, that didn’t seem to be an issue; in fact, he found so much free cannabis in a Denver dumpster that his companion thought he was suffering from a brain tumor and was about to die.  Apparently, there are at least two cases of marijuana toxicity a week in Denver among Luke and his friends, who are, by the way, dogs.

Now, we’re a pro-medical marijuana site but nothing is ever gained by blinkered thinking.  Apart from anything else, a surfeit of cannabis rich products in waste bins opens the doors to all sorts of issues that could throw a negative light on the whole medical marijuana movement – and we have more than enough negativity already. And the last thing we want to be doing is harming our furry friends.

It’s time, don’t you think, for the Colorado legislature to clean up their medical marijuana act?


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