Colorado Medical Marijuana Raids Must Stop

medical-marijuana-coloradoIn Denver, CO, four state lawmakers have sent a request to the Attorney General, Eric H. Holder Jr, asking that he stop raids on medical marijuana operations.  The lawmakers say the raids are discouraging dispensary operators and medical marijuana patients and growers from working with them on proposed regulations. The letter was sent by Senators Chris Romer and Nancy Spence and Representatives Tom Massey and Beth McCann.

The letter was emailed to Holder yesterday and a copy was sent to President Barack Obama plus officials at the US DEA.  A spokeswoman from the Justice Department declined to comment, although she did say the department would review the letter.

Last month, a suburban Denver man who said he was a medical marijuana provider was charged with drug possession in federal court after DEA agents raided his home and found 224 pot plants. Agents became suspicious about the size of the man’s Highlands Ranch operation after he told a Denver television station he expected to make up to $400,000 a year.

Agents also raided two Colorado laboratories that test medical marijuana for pesticides and potency after they applied for licenses from the DEA. The operator of one said he was raided on the day he showed up at the state Capitol to testify on some of the proposed medical marijuana regulations.

Democratic Sen. Chris Romer of Denver, one of four lawmakers to sign the letter, said he’s most troubled by the laboratory raids since the labs appeared to be in compliance with Colorado marijuana law. He said the Highlands Ranch case is less clear-cut.

Romer wants to pass regulations that require dispensaries to grow their marijuana in rural or industrial areas – eliminating neighborhood grows – and have the state keep a confidential database of their location. He said he’s facing resistance because growers fear that the DEA could use the database to crack down on them.

“It’s kind of hard to build trust in the environment that’s been created by these raids,” Romer said.

Sen. Nancy Spence, R-Centennial, said the federal government shouldn’t be getting involved in any possible violations of Colorado’s medical marijuana law


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  • james says:

    Medical Marijuana is a completely natural and helpful way for people to relieve a multitude of symptoms. I can not imagine why something that grows naturally on this planet, helps many many people, and harms few, would still be illegal. If anyone needs help getting medical marijuana in colorado a great site is Bring us one step closer to having medical marijuana available to everyone.

  • jeff says:

    The Federal government does not have the right to claim marijuana has no medical use. So they have no leagal grounds to involve themselves in state law. It’s a constitutional issue that could be resolved easily. I feel that Big brothers rein of fear and terror could be ended if it wasn’t for gutless people who will not defend thier own rights. After all with the government I believe it’s all about the money and power, not about the people they are supposed to be serving (not controling).

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