Medical Marijuana Ice Cream

Jonathan Kolodinski of Crème de Canna has the right idea: this medical marijuana dispensary owner produces and sells his own range of cannabis ice cream using local produce. Whether you go for the Strawberry-Mari-Cheesecake, Bannanabis Foster or Triple Chocolate Brownie, a spoonful of sugar really does help this medicinal herb go down.  There’s a comprehensive strain listing in camera view, although Mr Kolodinski is not specific about which marijuana strains he uses in his cannabis concoctions.

Of course, what with marijuana’s active ingredients being so well suited to oil extraction, there’s a scientific basis behind such a delicious product too.

There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t make your own cannabis ice cream – mix your weed into any basic  recipe.  Making pot-brownies and then incorporating those into your ice cream mix should be particularly successful.



  1. What are some other good canna treats? Does it not mix well into certain treats?

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