2010 High Times Cannabis Cup Winners

Cannabis Sativa

  1. GreanBicycles (God’s Pussy)
  2. The Green Door San Francisco (Candy Jack)
  3. Purple Lotus Patient Center (Durban Poison)

Cannabis Indica

  1. Mr. Natural Inc (Cali Gold)
  2. Elemental Wellness (True OG)
  3. Tehama Herbal Collective (Bubba Kush)

Cannabis Concentrates

  1. Leonard Moore Cooperative (Ingrid)
  2. Phillips Rx (Herojauna)
  3. 7 Stars Holistic Healing Center (Granddaddy Purple Wax)

Marijuana Edibles

  1. Greenway Compassionate Relief (Biscotti)
  2. Medithrive (Bliss Edibles Truffles)
  3. The Hampton Collective (Totally Baked Medibles Tincture)

Expo Booth

  1. Humboldt Patients Resource Center
  2. TIE: Cmaz Glass, Green Door
  3. Stealth Grow LED


  1. Zong 2 Kink Jack Herer Bong
  2. Glass Slider
  3. Cmaz Vhorees


  1. TIE: Essential Vaaapp H20 Eclipse, Stealth Grow LED
  2. Grassroots HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup Hat
  3. TIE: Canna Fresh, Boldt Bags

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