Medical Marijuana News

Our goal is to bring you the very best, latest medical marijuana news from around the globe.

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These are some of medical marijuana news topics we will be covering:

  • State and Federal Laws – There are many changes happening to the state medical marijuana laws, many states are considering legalizing medical marijuana.
  • Medical Marijuana Uses – We are amazed by the number of different medical conditions that can be treated with marijuana. So when we find out about a new condition that has potential to be treated with cannabis we will let you know.
  • Medical Marijuana Facts – Medical facts that can be substantiated.
  • Cannabis Cards – Any changes in requirements in getting a medical marijuana card.
  • Marijuana Dispensaries – If we here about dispensaries having any issues with the police we will let you know.
  • Prices – Low or high marijuana prices in particular states.
  • Patients stories – Any intriguing stories of medical marijuana users.

If you know of any interesting medical marijuana news stories please contact us. We will review them and consider including them in a medical marijuana news section.