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Thousands of marijuana strains have been discovered, bred and smoked over the years but none has had an extreme impact more famous and legendary like the white widow strain. White widow is a hybrid strain that was created with a pure Sativa from Brazil being pollinated by an Indica hybrid from southern India. Since the original release back in the 90s, White Widow seeds have been spread all over, which has led to a variety of plants given its popular effects that are irresistible.

The White Widow plant is generally short (ideal for indoor environments) with long and green leaves. White Widow strains grow as tall a 1m when indoors and reach 2m tall when outside. Although it needs sunlight, it can also be grown in colder climates.

Depending on if it is grown inside or out, the white widow strain will yield differently. When grown inside, it can yield 55-65g per plant, or 450-500g per square meter under a 600W light. Outdoors, it can harvest over 550-600g per plant and produce even better results in warmer environments.

With little maintenance, within 9 weeks, the White Widow flowers which makes it a perfect plant for first-time growers. White Widow buds are covered in crystals, giving it an almost sugared look. But never underestimate its potential as it provides an extremely strong high.

It has scents ranging from Pepper sprinkled on top of oranges to very “peppery & spicy” with a clean state pine-fresh feeling with every hit followed, by a subtle citrus flavor when exhaled. The White Widow strain has a high THC content of about 20.0% highest and 12.0% on average. This makes it highly psychoactive hence the powerful and energetic buzz which lasts on average one and half hours to two hours.

Effects of smocking the white widow strain

Because of the high amount of THC available in the white widow, the effect it gives off when inhaled are more likely to produce very heady, cerebral highs (quick and powerful) that you would normally associate with a sativa-dominant plant. This should not worry you because it naturally produces a lot of good vibes (stellar psychedelic high) which tends to last much longer than most comparable strains.

It plays on the state of mind by giving one a much clear head and a good feeling with effects ranging from euphoric, creative, relaxed, and energetic to cotton mouth. When the cerebral high finally dies down, you’ll start to feel some of the Indica-influenced, body buzzes.

However, note that if you are not vaporizing your cannabis, prepare to cough as white widow coats the throat instantly with a sweet and sugary smoke that starts off very light but expands heavily. With this, you might get a desire to drink more given the moments of dry mouth and thirst.

White Widow medicinal uses

White widow is popular because of its recreational use and not to mention its medical uses. Its widespread recreational use has brought White Widow to the forefront of medical research to discover how it can help in certain medical conditions.

Indeed, this has paid off really well as this strain in particular was found to have a 60% Sativa (mind) / 40% Indica (body) ratio, which makes it a full-bodied medicine. This makes it effective for patients suffering from anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), chronic aches and pains, as well as migraines.

Research has also shown that the white widow strain can treat cachexia and even hepatitis C. it also has been found to relieve pain, anxiety, depression, loss of appetite, nausea given the THC cannabinoid which is highly present.


Although it looks soft and sweet, white widow strain can never be underestimated as it can stone you down. However, all this depends on your tolerance level, how much you consume it, how it’s grown among other factors. It is therefore advisable to contact a certified medical marijuana doctor if you choose to medicate with the white widow strain.


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