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White Widow is often quoted as being the classic modern strain; it is certainly very popular within the marijuana community at large and has won a whole host of awards. This strain contains very high levels of THC and exceptionally low levels of CBD’s and CBN’s. If you take another look at our guide to choosing marijuana strains you will see that CBD’s and CBN’s have an enormous part to play in the relief of some medical conditions. THC is the weed component that gets you high.

Growing white widow is moderately easy.

Despite these low levels of medically-active substances, however, White Widow has been reported as helping:

At a Glance

  • Type: Indica – sativa mix
  • Climate: Indoor – outdoor
  • Yield: 500 gr/m2
  • Plant height: 35-65 inches
  • Flowering time: 8 – 9 weeks
  • Harvest month: September
  • THC level: 20-25%
  • Growing difficulty: Moderate


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  • Seth Green says:

    i would like to get my story out front to be heard. Ive contacted the White House by email an phone an i havent gotten any reply…… Also have contacted my local District Rep. from Tennessee as well as other state Rep. I have not got any reply from the White House. But the Tennessee Reps. 1 out of 5 that i talked to agreed. I tried emailing local news stations an trying to get my story out…. They will not even put it on the air. I live a very difficult life with this Cerebral Palsy on the right side of my body as got worse as ive gotten older. I am in serious pain day by day. With the side effects that comes along with having Cerebral Palsy are almost unbearable i can barley eat on some days from my throat closing up an not being able to even move my right arm or even walk. I will usually have seizures caused from the pain an anxiety they usually last around 5 to 10 mins with me sometimes turning blue an stop breathing. I cant even get my GED an live a productive life like i need to. It makes me feel bad that i can not contribute to the work force. I am a burden to my mother that has to stay with my 24/7 to look after me…. An i think marriages have been broken cause of my health. I have been to the Shiners Hospital in Greenville, South Carolina they will not help. With the doctors not knowing really anything about Cerebral Palsy they have given me wrong meds to help me try an live a normal life. Marijuana reduces the muscle tightness in my throat an chest to wear i can actually get a breath in. An it reduces the anxiety an seizures. With having no other option i have toke matters in my own hands even if i have to break the law. There are links i am going to send you that will tell you what im dealing with. Cnn has not gotten back to all my emails that ive sent. I do not have the money to move out of Tennessee to get Medical Marijuana. Personally i don’t know where else to turn.

  • SpecialDad says:

    I just got a letter that my medical mj license was not re-new. My research shows it is because I did not see the doctor who signed my card often enough. That was a rule put in effect a year ago. I have been on the same card 4 years until now.

    What if the doc does not want to see me semi-annually? At least my 2 year apptment is only a month away.

  • jw says:

    i have had glacoma over 7 yrs along with a long list of disabling medical conditions. My younger brother is already blind of having it over last 10yrs., & they are about to remove one of his eyes. Having been under eye doctor care for 7 yrs of medications, i can normally keep it under control 16-20 range of pressure. on a trip i was able to try white widow, with an eye Dr. exam the next day. My pressures had never been down to 11 before!? Not a sustained observation but enough my Dr. said to keep up whatever I was doing. I would be willing to try it daily if allowed where I live. Now if only IL. would put into effect the law for medical marajuana passed in 1978, the state just never tried to figure out administrative & taxation methods for our residents. Due to rapid rate of crime,& our physcal situation.

  • Deborah Jeffress says:

    i have glaucoma. When i smoke weed 2 X a day my scores are normal (17-18). When i can’t find it, not only do my eyes hurt but my scores fly up to 26-28. Eye drops make me very anxious, like i could jump outof my skin.
    I think I will try growing my own, which variety do you recommend?

    debbielee–old hippie too!

  • mjjohn says:

    it’s a beautiful strain, typically looks like it was a breaded in try chromes

  • roor bongs says:

    I’ve only tried this strain a couple of times and have found it to be really strong. Not for every day use, or not for me at least. Each to their own though 🙂

  • Brielle says:

    White Widow is very popular for medical marihuana (how the state spells it) users in Michigan as well. As a cardholder, I can say that it is probably my favorite strain.

  • Danny says:

    I wanna join the movement, i live with depression and high stress levels.

  • junk says:

    question, can a person get a card if you don’t live in a state that isn’t on board with the program?

    • rhonda says:

      I have rheumotoid atrthritis, depression,horriable anxiety . And I live in tx what can I do to get a card or is it possiable?

  • aaron says:

    White widow is often found in dispensaries in California and Colorado. Users report a strong body high with long lasting effects.

  • kevin says:

    classic strain, never miss out on a white widow sesh.

  • tom wheeler says:

    Where do I get these strains? and is there a equipment donation center for patients who cannot afford to purchase grow supplies? thank you, tom

    • janelle wheeler says:

      hey Cuz…..get a High Times they have seed companies in Amsterdam. I have my medical card for Nevada and two years ago when i grew.i ordered some seeds online with my credit card from problemo…..

    • Steve says:

      try BC Seedking in Vancouver. 20 Feminized White Widow seeds are about $50 US. Their seeds are 100% the Best!

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