The Top Ten Medical Marijuana Seeds for Beginners

1. White Widow

White Widow, the winner of the 1995 Cannabis Cup, is one of the most popular amongst beginner growers. This Australian-founded hybrid is preferred by Europeans and smokers who prefer a more mellow high. As Steve explains, White Widow is a great strain for beginners to grow because you really can grow it anywhere–indoors, outdoors, or in a green-house. On the down side, White Widow is an example of how looks can be deceiving. While it has all that shiny crystal formation and is flush with trichomes, it packs a relatively weak punch. It’s flowering period primarily ranges from 70-72 days and the average yield is four to six ounces per full grown plant, which are about four to five feet tall.

2. Blueberry

This popular strain comes highly recommended to beginners, as it’s easy to grow, mode resistant, and has a consistent yield. Blueberry, a 75-25 indica dominant strain, has a heritage that’s mix between Oregon and European genetics. Blueberry is particularly well-suited for industrial operations, as it has a stellar cannabinoid profile, high yield, and is just very easy to grow. For Americans, Blueberry is commonly referred to as “BC Bud.” It’s also quite resiny which makes it great for hash.

3. Northern Lights

Northern Lights (80-20 indica) is essentially the Bud Light of strains. It’s been around forever and is as American as they come. Developed in Seattle, Northern Lights is often imitated, and for good reason. Its grow time is relatively fast at an average of 50-60 days, and it yields about eight ounces per six to eight foot plant. As is a trend and general fact about all plants, the biggest area of concern with this strain is to be delicate with the water. Let your Northern Lights plants mature fully and the taste will likewise improve.

4. Sage

Sage, short for Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium, is a 50-50 hybrid that is fairly easy to grow and has a solid yield. While it was developed to be grown indoors, Sage can also be grown outdoors. The growth period ranges from 65-70 days and the plants should reach four to five feet for full expression. Steve points out in this video that you really have to be careful when watering Sage plants, as over-watering is a fairly common error. Once ready for patients, Sage is a good day-time bud that’s not too potent.

5. Shiva Shanti

Shiva Shanti is a product from the Sensi Seed Bank and is a hybrid of some different indicas. A popular strain in its family is Shiva Sunk. While Shiva is extremely easy to grow, it’s important that you monitor it closely for mold. Shiva Shanti is typically bred for indoor growing but it will work in a greenhouse as well. Shiva’s flowering period ranges from 60 to 70 days and the flowers vary in size from four to six feet. The yield isn’t spectacular, coming in at around four ounces per indoor plant. Overall, it’s a strong “commercial quality product” that has a great taste and a known potency.

6. UK Cheese

As is the case with Northern Lights, UK Cheese should only be grown indoors. Cheese is a very popular, solid bud that’s not overly powerful. When growing UK Cheese, it’s vital that you do not prematurely extract your plants, as it oftentimes looks finished before it actually is. The grow period ranges from 60 to 70 days, to you must know what the finished product should look like and then pay very close attention to your plant(s) during its final stages.

7. Early Girl (OG Kushes)

8. Bubble Gum

Bubble Gum is a pure indica that still remains unique as a standout strain and bud. It’s also a solid strain for novice growers. As is the case with most of these beginner-level flowers, you must be cautious in your watering process. The only real downside to growing Bubble Gum is that at two to four feet (indoor), it’s yield only averages about two to four ounces. Bubble Gum is herb for the cannabis connoisseur. So while you won’t get crazy high yields, your product will be looking top shelf after about 60 days.

9. Super Silver Haze

As Steve points out, Super Silver Haze is still one of the best strains out there and can be grown properly by a beginner only if the right measures are taken. This hybridized sativa can be grown anywhere, but for the best quality should be grown indoors. It’s yield is average at four to eight ounces per plant, which pales in comparison to more commercial strains. That said, what Super Silver Haze lacks in size (it averages about four feet indoors) and yield, it makes up for in taste and cannabinoid profile. Super Silver Haze is a three time winner of the Cannabis Cup for a reason. As long as you monitor the water carefully, your Super Silver Haze should be fully developed in about 70 days.

10. Hog’s Breath

Hog’s Breath is a pure indica that’s primarily grown indoors but can also be grown in greenhouses. This hybrid of four different indicas is rather easy to grow. The most important aspect when dealing with Hog’s Breath is to make sure it reaches its full potential, otherwise you’ll end up with a leafy, poor looking product. If grown properly, you’ll find yourself with a stellar indica that is all sugar-coated with trichomes and resin.


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  • I agree with your assesment of HogsBreath. I grow it in my garden. I have a cut form a mother before it went overseas. It truly is a amazing plant. If cared for properly and it receives good light it will produce gobs of juicy bud! Extemly potent. Old school smell and flavor. Enjoy

  • john says:

    how about creating your own seeds,
    you can make your own feminized seeds and hybrids with this kit

  • john says:

    I would recommend almost any indica, they are more tolerant for the beginner who hasn’t got his or her envirement dialed in just yet, and the short flowering time, beginner are typically a little anxious and rightfully so

  • Harry Breekhamer says:

    Thank you for your blog. I have been a frequent visitor for many years and its really helpful. Even though i live in Holland and medicinal marijuana is not so common because you can just buy it from the shop or order it online. I recently discovered the fun of growing your own. and started to grow some feminized autoflowering strains. I ordered them at it has been really easy and a succes for me. and i don’t have to visit any shops anymore to be able to calm my nerves with some great cannabis.
    Well thank you for your great work and keep it up!

  • Regina says:

    I had my second package arrive today nothing big just a half oz but I love this service so much I paid a bit extra to have it rushed and it wasnt a problem.

  • Livercod says:

    Cheers for collieshop402..My qp arrived in Scotland today, I saw great reviews and decided to give it a shot and I wasnt dissappointed.

  • Livercod says:

    Not bad I recieved an oz I am smoking it and wondering how come the local bud in my town does not smell this good and get me this high for this cheap.

  • Samantha says:

    Its great ordering from collieshop420, its really dangerous getting pot in my area.

  • lukeyD says:

    I messed up my batch this fall, I had to order an lb from in order to get my meds in time.

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