An Avidekel marijuana bud is displayed at the Tikun Olam company centre in Tel AvivCritical Mass from the CBD CREW is one of those strains that has a 1:1 THC and CBD concentration and because of this this is an amazing strain for medical cannabis patients. CBD CREW tested this Critical Mass and found that on average it has about 5 % THC and 5% CBD in it but some plants can give off even 8 % CBD so sometimes it can be almost 1:2 ratio and that is amazing.

Overall this strain is a Indica-Sativa hybrid with 80 % indica genetics and 20 % Sativa genetics but the feel and look of this plant is more like a sativa one but the bud production is more like indica so you get best of both worlds and because of that you get a good yield if measured with grams per square meter of growth and that number is around 500 g/m2.

The smell while this strains is growing is a fruity one with some citrus and a bit of pineapple. As the harvest  approaches the smell will keep getting stronger and those buds will swell up with a lot of resin. After that harvest and a good drying and curing you will have an amazing odor coming from those buds like that citrus or citrus-like fruit but also has some grapefruit and other sweet aroma mixes. As you spark up this bud or ingest cannabis oil made from it you will get that relaxing feeling but almost no mind-game type of stuff because that high CBD concentration will ease the THC effects and you will be able to function properly with an uplifting feeling.

Because of that High CBD concentration the high won’t be overpowering and you will be able to ingest more to help better ease back or any other pain and it will also help with anxiety and won’t give you any paranoia!

CBD Crew Yummy

CBD crew’s second best strain in this top 5 is the Yummy one and this is another High CBD variety but this strain also has the added benefit of being one of the best tasting ones on the market. Basically Yummy is a sativa dominant strain that has a very satva like feel and look and it can get quite big so take that into consideration before buying this stain.

As with all CBD crew seeds this one has a High CBD content and basically is a 1:1 THC and CBD, it has been specially bred of being high in CBD you can get a bigger percentage of that CBD than THC and when breeders tested this strain they got 9% CBD and 8 % THC but I have seen results with different numbers and the main point is that in most of the cases it has higher or equal CBD than THC percentage value. Because this strain is a sativa dominant you will get a easy growth in warm conditions but the buds won’t be as dense as Indica dominant crosses have.

The yield of this Yummy is about 400g/m2 or somewhere around 50 to 200 grams from one plant depending on the growing conditions. I have seen growers getting 60 grams and 100 grams from this plant in not so optimal conditions and i guess if this is grown outside you can easily surpass that number in hot warm weather places.

The best part of this amazing variety is that taste and smell of those buds. I have to be honest and say that this is one of the best tasting strains that I know and it tastes somewhat lemony flavor with some exotic tropical fruit in there but definitely a sweet sweet smoke and a sweet smell while growing. When you light up a joint or take a hit out of a vaporizer you will get that amazing taste on top of your tongue and soon after you will start to feel that CBD uplifting buzz that don’t give you any paranoia or other bad symptoms and just relaxes your body giving you an amazing experience. Because of the high CBD content this strain will have a bit longer effect than other not so high CBD strains and CBD also counteracts that THC so you will need to ingest more of this stuff to get high.

Bomb Seeds Medi Bomb # 1

Medi Bomb is a Medical high CBD strain from a relatively new seed breeders called Bomb Seeds but despite the fact that they are newcomers to the seed market they are fast gaining in popularity and their Bomb strains have amazing reviews. This particular Medical strain of their seed collection is a cross between Bomb #1 and a medical strain that they say is a Dutch Pharmaceutical one.

Because the original Bomb #1 is a mostly Indica strain this medical cross also is mainly indica dominant and will have huge buds but the leafs will be somewhat a cross between Indica and Sativa as they are not overlapping but are not that narrow as pure sativas have. The leaf and stem spacing is like an indica strain and the overall look and feel of this high CBD strain is also Indica. Because of those Indica genetics this strain also has a very short profile and it rarely grows more than 1 meter tall so you will be able to grow this in a vast majority of grow rooms. But because of those Indica genes you will be able to get amazing yields and a pure THC / fruity smell that will overpower almost any other plant in your grow room.

This Medi Bomb #1 is a relatively new plant so it is not completely tested for the THC and CBD contents but judging by the High and from all the medical benefits you can expect at least 1:1 THC and CBD if not more. The high is really relaxing without that narcotic high feeling but just with a general sense of calm and happiness. Your muscles will be relaxed and you can get amazing sleep when under the influence of this medicine. Overall this is an amazing strain and I think i the future as CBD rich strains will become more and more popular this will be one of the best medical ones out there and if not then probably some crosses will come from this that will be in the top performing medical strains.

Cannatonic – Resin Seeds

Cannatonic is one of the first CBD strains that was and is available and because of its early start this strain has built up quite a following and people just love that high CBD concentration. This cross was done from MK Ultra and a G13 Haze plants and that makes this a 50:50 Sativa and Indica and different plant can exhibit different traits but all in all this is an average looking plant with high yields but also high height. I have seen this Cannatonic strain from Resin Seeds to be almost Pure Sativa but also almost pure Indica so there is some variety and depending of the seed batch I think this can vary a bit but that doesn’t change that high CBD Contentration. In various Lab tests this strain has proven of beigh at least 1:1 CBD and THC but in most test cases the CBD content was higher than THC so this makes Cannatonic a great medical strain.

The overall look and feel of this plant is a complete sativa but the height and flowering time is from indica so you get the best of both worlds at least this in the vast majority of cases but I have also seen an Indica dominant traits with Indica leaves and shorter sizes. Overall I think this is a fairly big strain as the Sativa genetics show themselves in wide branch and leaf spacings and that tall plant look. Bud production however is not pure sativa and you can get some Indica looking nug at the top branches and they will be quite dense but the smell is the best part.

As you chop and dry your plant those buds will become really nice smelling and you will be able to spot some purple hues that will make this a really great strain for display in dispensaries. As those bude cure more and more some spicy or minty smell will start to originate but you won’t be able to tell completely what are you smelling exactly but I know that it smells nice, just can’t describe it that well. As you light up this purple looking sativa bud you get a strange effect that is not high but not your average CBD feeling also.

You get a good relaxing feeling but also want to do things and don’t want to lay on the couch all the time. I think that those Sativa genes give you that uplifting feeling but that CBD calms your High down and you just get a general sense of happiness and joy. Cannatonic is also great for pain (menstrual , back e.t.c) but also allows you to function properly and not get that High feeling and also allows you to get great sleep if you take it just before getting into bed.

Sour Tsunami

This is one of the best CBD strains that you can get but the sad part is that there appears to be no sites where you can get these seeds online but maybe if you look hard enough there are some growers willing to give this strain away. Basically the origins of this amazing High CBD strain can be found Southern Humboldt Seed Collective Where a grower Lawrence Ringo crossed extensively over many years three strains. This Sour Tsunami cross includes New York City Diesel , Sour diesel clones and a Ferrari local Sativa strain and that all makes a very very amazing looking and tasting buds.

Because of the rarity of this strain there are not a lot of information about it and just that it is a mainly sativa plant with buds growing like Indicas. The one thing that I can review about this is the buds as they can be purchased in some special Dispensaries. Basically those buds look like Indica Sativa Mix with sativa being the dominant and so they are not really dense but not your typical sativa fluffy ones either.

The smell is mainly sativa a chocolaty smell with some fresh fruit hints but probably one of the best smelling buds out there! When you inhale you don’t get a lot of flavor but there is a distinct sour exhale and I guess that is where the Sour name comes from! The high is slow coming up but when you get the effect you get a little sense of euphoria, then after 20 minutes or longer there is bit of relaxation but nothing major. The high CBD you can get pain relief for about one and a half hour but you don’t feel any side effect and that is why you can take this strain in any part of the day and don’t feel tired after. I think this is a perfect mix of sativa uplifting minimal high and that pain relief from that CBD.

This Sour Tsunami strain has also been tested for CBD and THC contents and CBD is more than 14 % in most cases and THC also has about 9 or 10 % so this is a very medically active and potent strain so you will not need a lot to get your desired effect!

These are our top 5 regular cannabis high CBD strains. Autoflowering cannabis plants generally have higher CBD concentrations than Indica and Sativa plants. If you want to learn more about autoflowers then check out this autoflowering grow guide.


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  • michael says:

    thanks for these comments,now i´m convinced that these cbd crew strains are perfect for me.
    i never really liked the heavy buzz you get the first hour of smoking but the the feeling after that of mood stabilizing and beeing in the here and now(english is not my first language,sorry) and antidepressiv gives me relief of my depression,social-anxiety and thinking disorder.
    i hope this helps me because regular weed always makes me apathic and gives me a guilty feeling.thats why i stop always smoking after 4 weeks or so.but with these new strains i might get some quality in life.
    thanks and regards

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