Thunderbird Rose Medical Cannabis Strain

Thunderbird Rose Strain
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Thunderbird Rose strain is a sativa dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the classic favorite Blue Dream and OG Kush strains. This super rare strain is said to be bred by Kotton for Rebel Spirit Cannabis of Eugene, Oregon.

Because it is a rare species of cannabis, studies around it are very limited and hence not too much is known about it in terms of potency and medical abilities. However, it is said to have a moderate tetra cannabinol (THC) level of about 10-15% on average. This allows it to have a reasonable level of psych activity.

The most distinct feature of thunderbird rose are its pronounced large lime green buds that express engorged trichome-covered calyxes and crimson pistils. The additional rose to the name “thunderbird rose” strain is a resonance of the flavor it gives off on exhale. The strain also has a notable delicious berry diesel taste that gives off dreamy relaxing effect.

The smell is of fresh florals and lemons with an overtone of rich berries and earth that can overpower the rose scent at times. For the medical cannabis patients looking to grow their own Thunderbird Rose need not to worry as this generous producer has a healthy resistance to mold and pests. This makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor growing.

The aroma is floral with notes of deep green forest, fuel, and blueberry. In America, Thunderbird Rose cannabis strain is available in medical marijuana dispensaries most of the states.

Effects of Thunderbird Rose strain

The effects of Thunderbird Rose are borrowed from both its parents (Blue Dream and OG Kush strain) which integrates cerebral clarity with a dreamy relaxing effect.

Generally, Thunderbird Rose is known for its uplifting and euphoric cross that arouses creativity and enhances mood. After a few minutes of intake, you will feel a toking, pulling you into creative focus that inspires you to get to work on anything and everything you need to do.

Its ability to induce creativity is the reason why it is perfect for any time of the day. After this happy and uplifting onset, you will feel a sense of relaxation but the energy will keep you upbeat and on task throughout the duration of the high without overwhelming you in the slightest. This is coupled with chattiness and plenty of giggling without making you look stupid. This whole experience can however be followed by mild laziness and couch lock.

Medical uses of Thunderbird Rose

Given its ability to bring about relaxation, Thunderbird Rose is the perfect choice to treat mood swings, depression, chronic fatigue, and chronic pain or stress. The calming effects of the strain help in relieving anxiety. The sedating effects of this strain further help in cases of insomnia (lack of sleep).


Although still rare, Thunderbird Rose’s popularity is spreading in the United States of America. With more popularity comes more research on the medical abilities of this incredible strain. Before we know it, Thunderbird Rose will be a solution to many more medical conditions.

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