Super Silver Haze Hybrid Medical Marijuana Strain

Super Silver Haze is a super hybrid Sativa Dominant strain with a ratio of 80:20 of sativa to indica. This complex hybrid is a combination of Stunk, Northern Light, and Haze marijuana strains with a THC concentration of up to 23%. You can buy Super Silver Haze seeds for a low price at this site.

The Super Silver Haze strain became popular at the fall of 20th Century, when it won the HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup three years in a raw (1997, 1998, and 1999). The general features of the Super Silver Haze strain match its name as its seeds tend to make plants that are covered in silvery THC glands that glow on sight. It is best grown indoors, producing colas that get pointed on top when mature and are more open than compact.

Its buds are long and sticky, hairy and dense and often times the plants can get relatively tall and may become unwieldy to work with. It sometimes appears as a medium forest green with bunches of brownish orange pistils. However, with patience, you can limit vegetative growth so that they don’t get out of hand.

For the growers and breeders of medical marijuana, the beauty about this strain is that it is generally considered to be resistant to mold. Within 9 to 12 weeks, the plant flowers and will produce 21 ounces of weed per 10 square feet of plants.

The smell of Super Silver Haze varies greatly depending on which phenotype you have although most often, it is a combination of the floral Haze with the sweetness of the Skunk and deep Afghani undertones from the Northern Lights.

The flavor is pungent and spicy with an earthy haze and undertones of fruity skunk. When it comes to the taste, it is incredibly smooth and sweet with creamy like peaches.

Effects of the Super Silver Haze

A combination of Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze, creates a beautiful, sticky sativa blend that boasts an energetic, long-lasting full-body stone while leaving you clear-headed, energetic and philosophical.

Its ability to leave you with a clear head makes it ideal for day time use when you need to be up, active and ready to get things done. It is known to induce creativity, boost energy, ecstasy and happiness.

Although it tends to produce much more body-oriented buzzes, when smoked, it brings about a relaxing and sleep-inducing rather than energetic feeling. Even then, Super Silver Haze is also valuable because it can clear your head and produce entirely different states of mind and being.

Medical conditions treatable with Super Silver Haze

Just like the other different marijuana strains, Super Silver Haze has got its own therapeutic properties. Research has found this particular strain to be effective in the treatment of headaches, and migraines. Given the high concentration of THC, it is also helpful in cases of insomnia, pain relief, migraines, glaucoma, nausea, and PMS in addition to helping in the management of anxiety. The uplifting effects are a great remedy for high stress levels or when suffering from a lack of appetite or nausea.


Over the years, Super Silver Haze has become popular and preferable by several stoners and cannabis patients. It has effectively proven to be useful in the treatment of different medical conditions.

The strain has been shown to help with everything from depression to muscle cramps. At this rate, more anecdotal research is necessary to know exactly what sort of relief it can offer each individual and what more conditions can be treated with it.


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