Let the (Marijuana) Strain take the Migraine

Back in May of this year we posted a fairly in-depth article about medical marijuana and migraine. Well, with the migraine gene having reportedly been discovered, this desperately painful medical condition is once again in the news.

An international study has found a single gene, named TRESK, appears to be the cause of all the pain and nausea. It is believed that TRESK controls the sensitivity of pain receptors in the brain, sometimes bringing the pain threshold so low that most everything hurts. Now you know why migraine makes you so sensitive to light, sound and touch. The good news is, now we know the gene exists, we can apparently switch it on and off, thereby not just masking the pain with traditional pain killers but actually removing it completely – making it just not happen.

For many migraine sufferers this is a life-changing discovery. Sadly, however, we’re looking at around a decade before we can expect the pharmaceutical companies to sell us medications to switch our migraine susceptibility off. In the meantime, there is medical marijuana.

Indicas seem to offer the best protection, although sativas are reported by some to give partial protection; that is, they lessen the pain to headache level rather than remove it completely. Others report that Sativa types actually sharpen the pain. This follows my ‘grand theory’ that certain personalities are better suited to particular types of weed. If you can stand to eat (the gut slows down or stops working completely in the throes of a migraine attack) then you will probably find that cannabis edibles are the better option for migraineurs.

Marijuana Strains for Migraine

The following strains are known to help migraine sufferers. However, weed and people are infinite in their variety, so you need to keep an open mind in the search for the medical marijuana that works for your migraine.

  • Bonzo Bud
  • Burmaberry
  • Fire OG
  • Glue
  • Green Spirit x Timewarp x Herijuana
  • Ice
  • Ice Princess x Bubblegum
  • Lemon Chemo
  • Lollipop
  • Magic Crystal
  • Mountainberry
  • Sensi Star
  • Shiskaberry x Dutch Treat
  • Skunk #1 (onset only)
  • Sour Bubble BX3

Marijuana for Migraine Studies

The following links have been taken from Granny Storm Crow’s MMJ 2010 List


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  • Blucrossbreeder says:

    n 2001 I ordered Blueberry from DJ Short grew it out and made brownies for my new wife who suffered from severe Migraines.
    Big relief, even if the migraine was in full bloom.
    “Far better” My wife says !
    Better than any medicine she had previously tried. …except..
    She does not like the feeling of being high !
    So I began developing a strain that does nothing, except relieve the migraine and make her feel better. After 3 years and 5 grows (indoors)
    I had it. I call it Blucross.
    Free seeds are available at Blucross Gardens, Sacramento Calif.
    Help Us make this miracle available to all who need.

    • David says:

      I grow 4 a migrane patient would love to try it on her. She has multiple severe migraines a day and stopped driving years ago and is a mother of 3

  • Sam says:

    This is a great info. Thanks for the good effort in explaining co-relation between marijuana and migraine.

  • Shenae Boyd says:

    I get head aches frequently and also have migranes from time to time. Most time when I get head aches I feel sick to my stomach.

    Anything can trigger a head ache at any time. I get head aches 5 to 7 times a day. Sometimes they dont last long and other times they do.

    I live in Missouri and I was wondering how I could get a Doctor from out state or something because I have tried medical marijuana and it does take away my headaches and other pains. Is there anything I can do?

  • Thank you for this blog! Seriously useful info.

    I have bookmarked this and i also am looking forward to reading new articles.

    Keep up the great job!


  • James R Huff says:

    I suffer from migraine headaches, maybe 2 to 3 a week. I don’t know what else to do. I also have had a few strokes from migraines.

    But i live in Alabama. Is there anything I could do to get a doctor here or is it possible to get one from out of state?

    Please send me an email.

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