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Purple Kush is a 100% pure Indica hybrid strain created as a potent cross between the Hindu Kush and the Purple Afghani strains with a 22% on average THC level. It is said to have originated from the Oakland area of California.

This bud was named one of the Top 10 Most Powerful strains in the world by High Times magazine given its high, described as an immediately uplifting euphoric head. Purple Kush has a subtle iconic smell of earthy sweet grapes and a taste of earthy red wine.

These buds have small furry bright neon green nuggets with rich purple and fiery orange hairs and dark purple undertones.

Purple Kush grows wide rather than tall, with an average of 2-3 foot-high making it perfect for in door growing although it performs better when grown outdoors. They grow wide into huge bushes and within 8 weeks, it starts flowering and is ready for harvest. The color is dark green with hints of purple as it nears ripeness.

It is important for growers to note that this Purple Kush is a heavy feeding strain, whether you are growing organically or non-organically it needs plenty of nutrients. It yields a moderate to high amount of up to 400 grams per square meter with dense buds and short stalks.

The good thing however is that this particular strain is known for holding up well against pests and diseases.

Purple Kush effect

The particular strain is said to be eminently relaxing and rather potent by the users. The experience is more of a slight rush of energy that subsides quickly and leaves the user with a floaty, highly medicated body experience that makes aches and pains as well as anxiety or stress melt away.

This is accompanied by a warming numbing body high that starts in the head and spreads throughout the body, leaving you completely relaxed and sedated. This high lasts for as long as three hours mark, pushing you into a powerful pain-free sleep. Casual users report a very relaxing and calming buzz, without the feeling of being immobile like with other indicas.

The effects are more of euphoric, sedated, relaxed, sleepy, cotton Mouth (causing a need to drink), and also happiness. Some users have however reported a need to eat as we by now know THC to be a great appetite stimulator.

Medical uses

The high produced by the Purple Kush strain is completely pain-free and slightly introspective strong enough when it comes to treating chronic pains and inflammations, among other conditions. Due to these potent effects, Purple Kush is said to be an ideal strain for treating patients suffering from conditions such as insomnia, chronic pain, nerve damage, and muscle spasms, anxiety, depression and nausea.

Given its deep body effects that provide a sedative effect, Purple Kush is ideal for muscle relaxation, mood elevation, appetite stimulation, and sleep aid at higher dosages.

Note: patients aren’t recommended to take or use Purple Kush especially if they have a busy day.


Although this strain is very euphoric and blissful, it produces no anxiety allowing one to actually focus during conversations and keep straight thoughts. It is a very relaxing body high & great for just chilling out and relevant for the treatment of pain and depression hence recommended highly for body pain.


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