Sensi Skunk #1 Medical Cannabis Seeds

You can buy Sensi Super skunk Auto Weed Seeds at a low price from this recommended site. Ever wondered why weed is often referred to as skunk? It’s because of this particular variety right here. If it wasn’t forRead more ›

Allkush Medical Cannabis Seeds

Buy Allkush Seeds Allkush is a classic medical strain which is predominantly Indica. It has been developed by Paradise Seeds who have a solid reputation for producing potent, high quality cannabis since the 1980’s. Make no mistake;Read more ›

Top 5 CBD Seeds

Critical Mass from the CBD CREW is one of those strains that has a 1:1 THC and CBD concentration and because of this this is an amazing strain for medical cannabis patients. CBD CREW tested this CriticalRead more ›

Want to Grow Marijuana Legally?

We get asked how someone can become a 100% legally licensed marijuana grower all the time. We also offer a complete package to start your own legal marijuana business. Here are the steps you must follow: 1)Read more ›

Master Kush Marijuana Strain

Originated in Amsterdam, Master Kush is a hardy plant comfortable in most growing conditions, and is known by growers as a top producer in indoor and greenhouse set-ups (but look out for mold when growing in humidRead more ›

Super Silver Haze Marijuana Strain

A complex hybrid that is made from old-school strains including skunk, Northern Light, and Haze, Super Silver Haze is your daytime pal, ideal when you need to be up, active and ready to get things done. SuperRead more ›

Trainwreck Marijuana Strain

You can buy Trainwreck Marijuana Seeds at a low price from this recommended site. Unmistakably pungent and super piney smelling, the now famous Trainwreck weed originated in Humboldt, California, though some say it was Arcata, California. There isRead more ›

The top 10 high yielding Marijuana Strains

As always, these seeds and strains will only reach their maximum potentials if bred and taken care of properly. A lot of these strains you will recognize as commonplace in medical marijuana dispensaries–and that’s no coincidence. HigherRead more ›