Medical Uses of The BlueBerry Strain


The name blue berry stems from the way the plant grows, with distinct pale to lavender blues by the end of its life cycle. It is also alluded to the “blue Berry” flavors and aromas that the plant produces. Blue berry marijuana strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain with several different origins including Afghani and Thai. You can buy a huge range of Blueberry seeds at this site.

Blue Berry has a THC concertation of 12.8% CBD and 0.278% CBN. The most distinct feature of the plant is its low to medium height with more branching, especially from the lower limbs growing full with wide, dark leaves and stems.

The plant itself frequently smells of fruit and blueberry, making it an amazing air freshener for the growers. Within 8 to 9 weeks, the plants flower completely with yields of around 15 ounces per 10 square feet output.

Although it can be grown both indoors and outdoor, outdoor is much more preferable with additional organic fertilizers which allows Blueberry to retain the nuance of its flavors, making the quality utmost. In terms of quality and quantity, this particular method is much more yielding better than even under many conditions, including the sea of green method.

The most common taste and aroma of the blue berry is a fruity, with signature blueberry taste and a subtle hint of grape and even some citrusy odors in the smoke. The Blueberry high tends to last for extended amounts of time and it also tends to produce intense euphoric feelings in its users with its smell alone enough to sort of mellow you out.

Blueberry Smoking Effects

The blue berry marijuana strain has a range of effects but mostly produces a notable mellow and pleasantly euphoric experience of top quality lasting a long time. The high has been reported by users to give some preeminent relaxation hence good for getting stuff done with a clear head given the energy boost which makes it better for day time use.

The full body effect experience is very relaxing or sedating depending on the dose and provides a sense of mood stabilization, not happy, not sad, just on an even keel.

Blueberry medical uses

When medically used, the Blueberry marijuana plants can produce some impressive medical effects. Particularly it is useful for disorders like anxiety and depression because of the mellow euphoria it can produce not forgetting its ability to relieve pain. It seems to have an ability to alleviate inflammation in the joints.

Other disorders like insomnia this particular strain given its long-lasting, relaxing effects. Blue berry buds have also been found to have a pain relieving effect, as well as nausea relief, spasm relief and a sleep aid.

However, it’s important to note that medicating with the blueberry bad can have some serious cotton mouth effect so keeping a bottle of water handy is advisable. It is hence better to medicate during daytime.


For each marijuana strain that exists, it has impeccable medical uses. Besides the fact that it is very pleasing to the eye, the Blueberry bud is very pleasing to the mind and body too. With more research into this the medicinal capabilities of this strain, many illnesses will be sorted.


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