Colorado welcomes marijuana infused beer

By April 9, 2018marijuana, Marijuana News

marijuana beer

Keith Villa, the founder of blue moon Belgian White Ale, apparently wants more just than beer.

His latest invention seeks the replacement of alcohol content with Tetrahydrocannabinol ( THC).  He unveiled his business adventure at the Ceria Beverages in Avada Colorado.  His venture is an example of non-alcoholic cannabis-infused craft beers.

His ambition is to inspire a new generation of beer drinkers, as many people prefer getting high to getting drunk nowadays. The former Coors Brewing Co. chief believes that this is going to be a big revolution to the beer industry which has seen many people quit taking beer and going for wines, spirits or marijuana, as people will have an alternative to regular, alcoholic craft beer.

This move was initiated by the partnership of Ceria with Colorado’s cannabis firm Ebbu with a goal of providing alternatives such as relaxation and blissfulness to getting drunk for the consumers.

Ebbu is a specialist in manufacturing Cannabinoid extracts and formulas specifically for consumer products and medicinal drugs.  They aimed at solving the problem for marijuana users whose main aim was just to have small doses of the drug. The effect is that it gives the user complete control over the whole experience.

Ceria’s task will be craft-brewing different types of beer with different flavors. It will then take the beer through a de-alcoholization process to remove the alcohol content. The alcohol-free brew will be handed over to Ebbu who will infuse it with water-soluble cannabinoids, and there will be the ultimate beer as a final product. This product will be jolly ready for shipping to different dispensaries.

The sale of marijuana has risen steadily in the recent past, with the states of Colorado, Oregon and Washington reporting a total of $13 million in the year 2017. These sales are from state legal marijuana products such as infused colas, water and other soft drinks. There has been a decent increase of 26% according to BDS analytics.

It should be noted that it is still illegal, according to federal laws,  for breweries to have marijuana products included in drinks hence the move by Ceria is a ground-breaker.

Even Villa was not in support of legalization of infused marijuana products into drinks but was inspired by its legalization in the state of Colorado as it opened the door to a stream of ideas. He invested a lot of time on research of a possibility of his concept as he worked at the MillerCoors.

Ceria ambitions are a notch higher as they target to introduce it marijuana beers in the State of Colorado. It also seeks to acquire licenses in adult markets of California, Nevada, Oregon and Massachusetts.

Villa is hopeful that with the continued legalization of marijuana in different states, the beer business has no other way than to thrive in it.

The unpredictability of legal changes only leaves Villa, and other brewers are optimistic about a better future. A future where Marijuana beer will be legal for all the states. Markets in Canada look more promising than the USA market believes Villa. The companies are now taking it to their stride to provide brews with the existing regulations.


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