Tips For Using Synthetic Urine To Pass A Drug Test?

By May 26, 2018Detox

Of all the types of drug tests, urine tests are most common. The heavy smokers can’t pass a urine test as the THC content remains traceable in the urine for a month. Even if one tries to find an escape route by drinking lots of water, it might lead to a retest. Synthetic urine has become an indispensable product for all the smokers who want to pass the drug test. All you need to do is purchase a synthetic pee online and maintain a suitable temperature before handing it over.

Why choose synthetic urine over other solutions

Synthetic urine is not the only way to pass a urine test. However, most of the people keep it as their first choice. This is because it allows you to continue smoking weed and yet test negative. Hence, if you don’t want to stop using for whichever reason, you can still come out clean in your drug test. Isn’t it magical?

How to use it properly

Though synthetic urine is the most viable solution for passing the drug test, its wrong use can make it ineffective. If you want the desired result without any questions, you must follow specific guidelines and take some actions. Let me explain how to use synthetic urine for a drug test in a proper way.


  • If you want to avoid any suspicion, the first thing you need to do is to place it in a microwave for at least ten seconds. In this way, your sample will reach the desired temperature. Any urine sample under 90 °F or over 100 °F will be discarded. You can use hand warmers or your own body heat to keep the urine sample warm.
  • You need to be very quick while pouring the synthetic urine into the cup. This is because the sample loses its temperature very fast. If you want to come out clean in the test, make sure that you don’t delay the process for a long time.
  • In many cases, people are evaluated physically at the time of sample collection to prevent cheating. In such instances, one can use urine belt with plastic tube or even prosthetic penis device. This solution helps you in concealing your synthetic urine under the clothes.
  • You have to buy only the latest and up-to-date formulas of the product, that imitate the real urine as good as possible. Outdated products may be detected.


Precautionary measures

Before you purchase synthetic urine, make sure that the supplier is not providing counterfeit products. You also need to check the crucial ingredients of the artificial urine. It usually comprises of uric acid, urea, and creatinine. Apart from this, they should also provide the plastic bottle, a temperature test strip, and a heating pad.


Every substance is different from the others, and it is impossible to predict the exact time it stays in the system. For example, marijuana can stay in urine from 3 days to a month. However, if you don’t want to run the risk of failing a drug test, synthetic urine can be the most viable solution.


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