Getting the right marijuana dispensary software for your business can be quite daunting. There are many sites that sell dispensary software, however it is difficult to determine whether they will allow your dispensary to comply with the current and future state laws.

If you are using dispensary software that does not automatically update itself on a regular basis you may end up getting into trouble with government authorities. Each state has complex cannabis dispensary laws that are continuously changing. Hence your software needs to be continuously updated to comply with the state law.

Additionally you need to keep an accurate check on stock, so you know when to instruct your grower to grow a particular strain. Also you needs to be able to acocunt for evaporation, spillage and potential theft of the product. At the end of the day you are only allowed a certain amount of each strain, so your software has to alert you to current wieght of each of the strains you have in stock.

Quite a few people ask me about which is the best dispensary software solution for their business. After extensive research we have been able to determine which are the 2 leading dispensary software providers. If you would like to save time and have confidence that you you are using the right dispensary software.

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