Want to Grow Marijuana Legally?

We get asked how someone can become a 100% legally licensed marijuana grower all the time.

We also offer a complete package to start your own legal marijuana business.

Here are the steps you must follow:

1) Depending on your state, you’ll probably have to become a medical marijuana patient.

2) You’ll want to install your business structure by incorporating and setting up your business within the legal confines of your state’s and cities laws.

3) You’ll need to have a location in mind and then get licensed on the state, city and possibly county levels for that location. Some states, cities and counties may not require this, but it’s up to you to determine if it’s required or not. If it is, you MUST acquire those licenses.

4) Now that you’re fully licensed, you’re all setup to grow marijuana legally. All you’ve got to do now is run your business to the exact letter of the law, making sure your business and location is operating in total compliance with the laws for your business. This could mean running a co-operative, collective or co-op. You’ll also need to keep thorough records and have complete control over the operations of your business.

If it sounds simple, that’s because it is – with our Grow Marijuana Legally Do It Yourself All-In-One Package. If you’re serious about growing marijuana legally and starting a 100% legally compliant growing business, you need this package.

The package is drafted specifically for your state and includes detailed, step-by-step instructions for how to grow marijuana legally in our easy-to-read, simple-to-follow package.

Our package was created by Marijuana Legal Professionals who have worked in all areas of the marijuana industry and helped thousands of people setup their legal marijuana growing businesses.


Grow Marijuana LegallyThe Package Includes Everything You Need To Know And Do:

Business Incorporation – How to incorporate your company in your state, how to choose the best business name for your company (it matters, a lot) and how to acquire your Employer ID Number (EIN).

State and City Laws – We’ve translated the confusing jargon for your State laws into plain and simple English, making it easy to understand exactly what you need to know and do to be in legal compliance with all the laws regarding your marijuana business. Also included; instructions on how to find your specific city and county laws and regulations as well.

Licensing & Permitting – In order to legally run your business, you’ll need to be licensed on the state, county and city levels. You’ll be shown what’s required and given all the required applications and documents, including exact line-by-line details of how to fill out the applications and documents for your state license(s). They will also show you how to find your City and County regulations to ensure whether you need to be licensed at those levels or not. If your state requires you to become a registered Patient and/or Caregiver, those detailed instructions will be included as well.

Business Documents – When applying for licenses & permits as well as bank, credit and all other types of business accounts, a Business Plan, Corporate Bylaws (with language absolving you of any liability should legal action be taken against you), Banking Resolutions, and other business documents may be required. We’ve  created easy and simple plug-and-play Microsoft Word documents and tell you exactly how to fill them out. Often, it’s as simple as filling in your name and contact information.

Operations Forms & Procedures – After getting licensed, you’ll need to run the operations of your business to the exact letter of the law. We’ve drafted custom forms and procedures for running your business to the letter of the law for your state. They will cover areas like: how to acquire your product, how to provide it to dispensaries, plant and growing limits, manage inventory and everything else you’ll need to know and do to be legally complaint.

Customer Forms & Procedures – You will be shown how to deal with dispensary customers from start to finish. They’ll cover how to control possession limits as dictated by state laws as well as provide our awesome plug-and-play Microsoft Word documents that may be required, including: Collective Agreements, Customer Check-in forms and any other legally-required documents.

Employee Forms & Procedures – We’ve drafted fully-customized documents and procedures that show you how to hire employees and volunteers, how to background check potential employees and volunteers, how to deal with payroll, employee non-disclosure agreements as well as all documents required by your state, like employee and volunteer applications. Keep in mind that one bad employee can get your business shut down. Don’t take this lightly.

Record Keeping Procedures – To run a legally complaint business, you’re going to have to keep good records for every aspect of your business. This includes everything from tracking customers, employees and inventory. We will show you how to keep the best, most detailed records in case you’re ever audited.

Frequently Asked Questions – This package will include the most common asked questions when running your business to the exact letter of the law, written in plain, simple English. Examples: Can I sell directly to the public or does it have to be dispensaries? Can I make a profit as a non-profit?

Want to grow your own product and deliver it directly to customers? Check out the Start A Marijuana Delivery Service Do-It-Yourself Package as well.


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  • Sonny says:

    Please sign my petition: Decriminalize the use of medical marijuana under federal law.
    Medical marijuana is neither addictive nor harmful and shows tremendous potential in treating various health conditions. In 1993 the World Health Organization declared, “There are no recorded cases of overdose fatalities attributed to cannabis, and the estimated lethal dose for humans extrapolated from animal studies is so high that it cannot be achieved by … users.” Medical marijuana use is legal in 18 states plus the District of Columbia, and ten more states have pending legislation to legalize medical marijuana. That brings to 28 states that have a legal or favorable view of medical marijuana. Honor the wishes of those states and patients by decriminalizing medical marijuana at the federal level so that innocent patients are not left in a legal limbo between State and Federal law.


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