How to Pass a Weed Drug Test

By July 29, 2017effects of marijuana

Marijuana is one hell of a drug that is very hard to clear in your system within a short period of time. As mentioned in this High Times Article Drug Testing 101 there are several home remedies and potentially dangerous methods to avoid when attempting to pass a drug test. There are some rumors that even say that one puff of a joint will take approximately 7 years to get out of your body completely. That is quite long. Sometimes, mostly in the workplace, we are required to have drug tests. If you use marijuana it can be a bit tricky for you. However, there is always a way around everything. This article will give tips on how to pass a drug test, particularly if you use weed.

Performing a drug test

The commonest method in which a drug test is done is through one’s urine. Saliva, hair and blood can also be used to test for marijuana. However, urine test is widely recognized and used by many firms when hiring or even knowing the status of existing workers.

When you learn of a drug test coming up, say in a couple of weeks’ time, it is advisable to abstain from smoking marijuana. Let’s look at some of the escape routes.

Using synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine is simply fake pee. This is the most perfect way to pass a drugs test. Synthetic urine is totally fool-proof and will get you the job done. It is commonly used to test the machines used for various tests. The good thing about it is that it is readily available on online shopping sites such as Amazon and eBay. All you have to do is order on time. Proper timing is key. You also have to make sure that on the day of the test the urine is not cold. Otherwise, you may betray yourself. Another thing is that you could borrow urine samples from a friend. This could not work when you are taking a test under surveillance.


Some people may not like the idea of using fake urine. This is where detoxing comes in. Natural detoxing is the most ideal way to remove drugs from our systems. It however, may take a lot of time which we may not have. Another thing is that natural detoxification simply entails stopping usage of the drug completely. I believe if you are a weed smoker you would not like that idea. For the purposes of passing a drug test, you can use artificial detoxifiers. When detoxifiers are used according to the prescription, you will surely ace that drug test without much problem.

However, you should understand that they do not get the drugs out of your system. What most of them do is to mask the drugs. They will make the urine test negative.

how to pass a drug test

Exercise and Water uptake

If the drug test is 72 hours away, you should do little or no exercise at all. A week would be ideal for this method. Do a lot of exercises. This is because, THC, the active compound in marijuana is absorbed into the fat cells. Doing exercise will burn off the fat releasing THC. Burn as much fat as possible. However, when you are remaining with around 72 hours, start taking high-fat foods. Your body will start storing the fat and keep THC from going to the kidneys.


These are liquids that make you urinate more. They will not detox your body. However, they will flush your bladder making THC levels low in urine samples. There are a lot of pills which act as diuretics which you can take. A good alternative is drinking caffeinated beverages such as tea and coffee, consuming garlic, lettuce or spinach and even taking citrus fruits. Water also helps a great deal. Do not take lots of water on the material day as it could lead to a bad (dilute) sample.

If you have adequate time, it is always advisable to have home kits that you can test yourself with before the big day. You could use a combination of the above methods to increase the success rate.

An important tip is that whenever you are sampling your urine, never put the first or the last stream. Always strive to sample the middle stream. It is likely to favour you.


Passing a drug test may seem a hell of a task especially if you know you use a certain drug like weed severally. However, if you use any or a combination of the above methods, passing the test will be a simple thing. Just make sure you are not caught ‘cheating’. All the best!


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