Due to evidence from 3 recent case studies have been showing that marijuana can be able to shrink the aggressive brain tumor

It may sound like a Pollyanna is my most reliable belief that the essential oil of cannabis may be the answer to the people have been praying for because it might help with curing diverse cancer once the dose has been gotten correctly. While I don’t want to call it panacea there have been so many cases of how the marijuana oil is incredible for being able to cure cancers and it’s not easy to ignore the reports.

Time is running out while focusing on the “war on cancer.” Experts have agreed that the conventional approaches that have been the use of the drug and radiation are becoming a failure when it comes to treating the deadly cancers.  That means that the research needs to be carried so that to figure out if the marijuana is the winner we all hope that it will be. But before getting there the human clinical research is needed desperately so that to prove that really marijuana can be able to cure cancer.

Catch 22

Right now the way to go is that we will find ourselves in the absurd catch 22. For forty years now it has been the same story with the FDA and DEA that they need more clinical research so that they know that marijuana has the medical value before they decide that they can remove it from the schedule I status. However before the whole research takes place on the humans so that it can assist in removing the marijuana from the prohibitive schedule I status, marijuana has to be removed where it is currently on the restrictive schedule I status so that to go ahead with the human clinical trials. What a mess!

Explosive growth

In the US and abroad the media and the medical academics, they have been silent when it comes to the explosion of new cancer cases that have been seen several years now. In cases you didn’t know, the instances of the documented cancer have been increasing at an alarming rate. This is true, especially the deadliest cancers. While the cancer rates have been growing the treatment method is still very reluctant. There has been a significant budge over 50 years of deadly cancer like the ovarian, pancreatic or glioblastoma.

Novelty gone wild

Some years back cancer was a novelty. For example in 1900 in the US the lung cancer cases that were reported were about 140. Yes, you heard it right just 140 cases in total. But in the several years, it has been escalating in a major culling force.  Finally, in 2015, American men stand a chance of getting any form of cancer in their lifetime. That’s means that it’s a fifty-fifty chance. That does not mean women are far behind. That’s scary because the cancer was as rare as the teeth on a drake mallard some years ago.

Dr. Epstein: canary is a coal mine

There has been the warning that cancer cases are running wild by the prominent academic scholars. It has been made evident to us in the award-winning publications by the emeritus professor. His newest release is the cancer-gate: “how to win the losing war or cancer” that’s the new book that’s groundbreaking.

In states that, contrary to the promises that have been there three decades ago, we are still losing when it comes to the war against cancer, and that is because the generals of the federal national cancer institute and the private sector have failed us. These institutions have been spending the billions of money from the taxpayer and the charity dollars so that to get the cure, but what they have achieved is strategies that have largely failed, while still ignoring the policies that are laid out there that can prevent cancer in the first place. The result got, is that the cancer rate has been increasing to epidemic proportions, now happening nearly in two men, and in three women it can happen to one. It means that approximately it can happen to 50 percent in men and 20 percent in women in the course of one generation.

In other words, the bestselling author Dr. Adramson claims, that the war on cancer has already been lost. The age-adjusted rate of death it’s still the same compared to 1971. That means that if unluckily you get yourself that you have the aggressive form of cancer then you need to think long and hard. One option that you can choose is rejecting the conventional approach and get the hash oil especially in the diagnoses that you have is a brain tumor.

The deadliest of all glioblastoma multiforme

Back in medical school while studying neurology there was a time the professor mentioned about a dreadful brain cancer, that’s they glioblastoma multiforme.  My professor stated that if any person is diagnosed with that kind of cancer the only time that they have is sorting their issues out before they say goodbye. Along with so many other cases of deadly cancer that have been rising, that is becoming impossible to treat. Nothing in the conventional medicine is giving hope to such patients, not the radiation, surgery, nor can the chemotherapy become the answer to this fatal course. That’s the reason why I took notice when I heard that other people were curing themselves using the marijuana concentrate.

The American Brain tumor Association stated that

The glioblastoma tumors are very highly cancerous the reason being the cells will reproduce quickly and the blood vessels will mainly support them. The reason why it’s not easy to treat the glioblastoma is that the tumor will have so many cells that are all different. If you are undergoing any treatment, there are some cells that will respond positively while others will not. That’s why when it comes to the treatment of glioblastoma different approaches have to be put in place. If the patient gets the standard treatment, the survival of the patients is for about two to three years. If the adult has the more aggressive glioblastoma, if they get the treatment of radiation therapy and concurrent temozolomide the survival can be up to 14 months and the two years survival is 30%. 10% of the patients that suffer from the glioblastoma will have the chance of living up to 5years or even longer. Children that suffer from the same they do well when compared with an adult because the survival rate will be 25%.

The good news

It turns out like many other the GBM tumors, will be able to rife with the cannabinoid receptors. There has been compelling evidence that has suggested that the cancer cells merged with the CB receptors they will respond well when it comes to the full spectrum of marijuana preparations.

verifiedcbdDr. Liu

In an interview posted at Washington with Dr, Wai Liu, he stated that the result of the groundbreaking discovery is that the cannabinoid was going to play an important role when it comes to the treatment of the aggressive cancers that takes place in adults and children. He added:

85 cannabinoids are known for being able to bind when it comes to the different receptors in the cells and which receive the external chemical signal very well. The receptors feed in the signaling pathways, instructing the cells on what to do. A study that was carried recently showed that some of the cannabinoids have the anticancer action. For example, the studies that have been carried have confirmed that both the THC and the CBD prove that they are useful in inducing the cells die in the tumor cells by changing the faulty signaling pathways in the cells. The process can be able to disrupt the tumor growth or even kill it, but the whole process will depend on the cell type.

Depending on the person, the treatment that they will receive will vary it can consist of surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy or use of the drug temozolomide. However, because the tumor is located in the brain, this process has not been that successful. The study that was carried when it came to the use of the treatments and use of the cannabinoid too it showed a huge difference.

The biggest effect that was seen is that when the THC and CBD were mixed, it leads to an effective achievement that was 50% success rate. In other words is that after the combination of the two THC and CBD they were more powerful compared to them being separate. But there still have a powerful antitumor effect when they are different.

Once the above information was discovered Dr. Liu then carried a test to see what impact would be received when combining the cannabinoids in ratios. Dr. Liu stated:

The secret that is there when wanting to exploit the cannabinoids as a treatment for cancer is balancing the effects of the anti-cancer with the less psychoactive effects. This is possible, as for the cannabinoids will work best when they are independent of the receptors, and so there is no need of engaging the adverse effects. CBD is among one of the cannabinoids. The doses that were elected of the THC was below the psychoactive level, but once they were partnered with CBD, it gave the best overall anti-cancer effect.

Low dose radiation, THC, and CBD

After several trial and errors, it was discovered that the best approach was using the CBD with a low concentration of THC and a small dose of radiotherapy.

The result that we got once we used the irradiation dose there was no dramatic effect when it came to the tumor growth, but when the CBD and THC were used together with the tumor marginally reduced. However, when the cannabinoids were used together with irradiation further impeded the speed in which the tumor was growing, and it was stagnant the whole time of the treatment. Correspondingly, the size of the tumor on the final day studies showed that it was significantly smaller in the subjects compared with the other. Results received are promising. There may be other applications that will emmerge, but now, its a way that can be used in breaking through the glioma and save more people.


Dr. Torres lead a Spanish research team that found out that cannabinoid receptor agonist example the THC that is the major ingredient in the marijuana, combined with other cannabinoid receptors agonist has the tumor growth when it comes to the models of cancer, including the glioma. The result that they got is that when the THC was mixed with the only drug that is helpful in the treating of GBM, temozolomide (TMZ), there was a powerful anti-tumor effect when it comes to the glioma cells but the cells were resistant to the TMZ treatment alone. THC will somehow induce the autoplay in the cancer cells, a very crucial role when it comes to the proposed action of the mechanism.

They administered the doses of THC and cannabinoid together which showed that it would inhibit the growth of the tumor cells. CBD is one form of the plant-derived from the cannabinoid that induces the glioma cells

In their conclusion

Moreover, the treatment that took place with the TMZ and submaximal does of the THC and CBD when they were combined they produced strong antitumoral action that will show a significant effect when it comes to the tumor resistance. Altogether, the findings support that the combination of TMZ and cannabinoids if they could be exploited when it comes to the management of the GBM.


In a research that was a carried by the Spanish trail. This time the research was that the pilot clinical study of the THC that was a human test subject with the GBM.  Dr. Guzman heads the research which they found that due to the intracranial administration of the THC on the tumor direct is safe, although the survival time was just 24weeks. In conclusion:

There were no cases of the remissions in the group of 9 patients. Although it surprises that it somehow makes sense when it comes to the entourage effect that I did mention previously. It means so that to be able to kill the cancer cell in the real living human subjects (vivo) we will need the help of the phytocannabinoids in the marijuana oil.


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