Location: 14  legal states but this is subject to change


Applicants Must:

  • know how to use a cash register and have an average level of numeracy
  • have good web-searching skills
  • know where to find medical marijuana information
  • tend towards scientific nerdism
  • understand how cannabinoid receptors work

Applicants Should:

  • have a passing knowledge of weed jargon
  • have first hand knowledge of marijuana use

Note: possession of a valid medical marijuana registration card will be viewed favorably.

Salary: $10 to $20 per hour

Okay, so we made it up but only because, although such jobs really do exist, they’re not widely advertised and come mainly by word-of-mouth.

At GreenLeaf Farm in Boulder, Colorado, owner Jan Cole has hired five or six budtenders whose knowledge on the subject impressed her.  She says that University of Colorado students make good budtenders and those she has employed became marijuana patients following skiing or snowboarding injuries.

Cole says of her student budtenders:

“They work hard. They study it. They actually do homework and write things about the strains. They’re very much into it. They’re people who plan on making this their lifelong career.”

She also knows of an architecture student who hopes to design greenhouses if marijuana becomes strictly regulated.

One of Cole’s budtenders, Sarah Reidy, hasn’t decided yet if she will make her career in medical marijuana but she says it is a possibility.  Reidy is majoring in English and political science at the University of Colorado to help her fulfil her plans for a career in law.  However, when she worked as an intern for a Denver lawyer specializing in medical marijuana, Reidy became so fascinated with the industry that she decided to take a look at the dispensary side of things.  She was amazed to discover that budtending might be termed as onbudtendere of the ‘caring professions.’

In particular, she remembers a woman who came in as a new patient who, in Reidy’s words ‘just looked sick.’ Reidy goes on to say:

“While I was explaining to her how the caregiver process works, she had to excuse herself (to the bathroom). She was afraid she was going to be sick. After we talked about the caregiver process, she was able to purchase her medicine.”

And, when the same patient came back, a week later?

“She was smiling, energetic. She was so happy I remembered her name. I was able to help her get medicine to keep her feeling like that.”

Will hopeful applicants please form an orderly queue.


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  • Sami says:

    I have no experience, but I am interested in breaking in to the industry. I was wondering if there is anything that makes you more appealing to dispensaries if you don’t have experience, but put the work in to learn the strains and facts and laws?

  • Anthony says:

    10+ years growing experience, Cloning, Lighting, Irrigation, Harvesting and Trimming, Drying and Curing, and 2+ Years experience in making Hash. Computer Literate, Experience With software installation, Hardware installation, as well as troubleshooting network protocol, and resolving issues with end users. Passionate about the Marijuana industry and just looking to get my foot in the door. Looking for this to be my last job, and my next Career. Thank You, Anthony

  • Aldon Isenberg says:

    I am looking for work in Colorado.
    I can forward my resume if you e-mail or call me.

  • I am a MMJ patient in Palmdale Ca. I am in a neverending fight to get completely certified in the MMJ field of work, I would have been certified by now but do to a lay off in a struggling economy, I haven’t had a chance to enroll at Oaksterdam University yet. My Mom died from lung/stomach cancer in 1999 but before she passed I was able to introduce her to the MMJ world before she left. The first time she had her meds was 2 weeks before she died and that was the first time I had seen relief on her face in 9 years and unfortunately that would be the last time she smiled without pain in her eyes. Since then I have been researching and networking like out of this world, in the end I will have a dispensary but until then keep up the fight. Any information you may bestow upon me would be a blessing, Thank You in advance for reading this. ONE LOVE

  • I have 20 yrs plus growing exp.relocatable and own income. Cloning,propogation and breeding familiar(505)330-7188

  • Zach Lipscomb says:

    Currently living in Georgia, Very Unhappy about state and federal laws. Would like nothing more than to get into the Medical Cannibis Industry and to get out of this lame state. Would like to work six days a week with an enthusiastic team. I’m tired of looking over my shoulder all the time in this zero tolerance region of america, this is not the quality of life I want to live in here in Georgia. Please send info on jobs available thanks.

  • "frosty" smith says:

    Am looking for work in bremerton washington area. port orchard preferably. Knowledgeable of the medical marijuana field.

  • Nahall says:

    Hi im looking to be a bud tender, I am 18 years old please email me back if you are interested in more info. thanks.

  • Sandra Martinez says:

    Please e-mail me regarding budtender position.
    e-mail: spicysandra@live.com

  • Greetings,

    I found your job posting on craigslist.com! I am looking for any potential “budtender”, “receptionist” or potential “spokesperson marketing” or “networking assignments” with any open positions which I may be able to work full or part time. I am extremely driven, down to earth, friendly, mature, professional and dependable! I hold a valid medical marijuana doctors recommendation. I have strong knowledge of the different between many types of breeds/ strains and specific medical conditions treated with cannabis medication. The benefit and the holistic advantages of cannabis edibles vaporizing. I would be glad to discuss in further detail in person my experience and knowledge. My schedule is flexible and I am not a parent so I am very flexible with potential work schedule and have no problem working holidays and late shifts! I hold quiet a bit of management skills and freelance marketing skills.

    I welcome you to contact me directly by phone or email with any possible questions or business offers. I own and run RLCDesigns which is my creative design small creative design firm and recently ventured into doing very specific (non-traditional) Cannabis [Spokesperson Activism] I am an alternative cannabis model attempting to change the stereotypes in the cannabis female modeling industry and mainstream media image of medical marijuana & as a resource as a whole! Marketing myself as a strong cannabis advocate and “professional” model (tasteful – real face, real patient using cannabis daily to treat several major health problems and not ashamed to be loud about its true benefit!) Please read about all my skills and active talents listed in detail on my company website, I welcome you to visit links are provided below before my detailed listed resume.

    I have provided you with several links below to view my active artistic/design/cannabis ventures. I would love to work and be part of dispensary that is driven by patient care, but hope to also help offer additional exposure with my ongoing vast hemp and cannabis networking and modeling ventures, working directly with small and large vendors in the Southern California area. I produce my own new age “hypnotronic” style music as well as am known in the audio production world as DJ RALove. I am a multi talented ~ well rounded artist and driven individual looking to become even more involved with the cannabis community by working proudly in the industry! I believe so strongly in cannabis and hemp I can only say with personal medical experience; & from the bottom of my heart thank you for providing medication to please like myself!

    Please contact me directly by phone at: (504) 450-9559 [Thank you sincerely, for your consideration and your time! I look forward to hearing from you!]


    Pasadena, CA 91104
    E-mail: RLCDesignsInfo@gmail.com

    Career Objective:

    I am available for any full or part time position/ assignment/ freelance contract/ cash assignments- commissioned work, in which I may utilize my various networking, [management skills; clerical/ administrative], creative, design & artistic skills in which I can strive in, by developing a positive business relationship!

    Employment History

    Capabilities: A few of my strong points are: Hardworking, Professional, Creative, Educated, Self-Starter, Motivated, Great Attitude, Positive, Open-Minded, Fast learner, Dedicated! Can do attitude, bubbly positive personality, love working with people, creative design background.

    “RLCDesigns” [RLCDesigns Own/ Run]

    Creative Design Company & “Independent Recording Label: RLCDesigns”

    L.A. & Orange County, CA
    (11/2008-Current) Skilled Freelance: Artist/ Designer/Alternative Model/ DJ RALove
    I am currently active in my own creative design business RLCDesigns. http://www.RLCDesigns.Yolasite.com [Additional Portfolio & References Provided Upon Request]

    Providing Unique Independent Consulting in-home residential Interior Design/ Decorating / Space Planning.

    Original; Handmade Jewelry Designs, Original commissioned unique recycled Material Art pieces. Paintings; I have created over (67 +) Original paintings in my collection, sold and unsold across the world.

    Public Relations Marketing Coordinator; Skilled & active in all editorial writing, networking and marketing for my business. Advanced skills in freelance telecommunication/ Public Relations Networking forms. I manage and design all web forms; knowledge in basic HTML, Website Design, Photo/ Video editing, resourceful in various marketing sites for advertising and promoting. Advanced in Independent Marketing & Social Based Web Media Advertising/ Networking. Advanced Networking via; online, locally & globally!

    Full skill/ knowledge of “skip tracing” and several web based search engines; [LexisNexis & LocatePlus] Advanced skills in independent freelance web based sales and marketing resources”.

    Billing/ Accounts Payable/ Receivable; Manage all new clients sales transactions & Shipping. Purchase Orders, Purchase Agreements, Commercial Invoicing.

    [3/2009] Private Resident / La Habra, CA.
    Commissioned Original Painting
    San Juan Capistrano Mission Realism Watercolor 16 x 20 Canvas Painting.
    Portfolio and References [Provided Upon Request.]

    [2/2009] Private Resident /New Orleans, LA.
    Commissioned Original Painting
    Four Panel 11 x 14 Canvas Original Contemporary Abstract Paintings.
    Portfolio and References [Provided Upon Request.]

    [1/2009] Private Resident/ Glendale, CA.
    Commissioned Original Painting
    Underwater Ocean/Sea Mural 10 ft x 10 ft Bedroom.
    Portfolio and References [Provided Upon Request.]

    Artistic Skills/ Special Skills: I am skilled in the various following types of Art:
    ~Drawing; Portraits, Abstract and Still life, Prospective: (Professional Application and knowledge; pigment, graphite, charcoal, pastels, Conté, water-based (marker, pen and ink, pencil), drafting, concept design.

    ~Painting; (Acrylic, Enamel paint, Oil, Water miscible oil paints, Dry pastel, Oil pastel, Spray paint (Graffiti), Watercolor, Furniture re-design and refurbishing).

    ~Sculpture; with (Natural Clay, Wheel Pottery, Sculpey polyform product, Mold making, Free-standing sculpture, Bust, Statue – representationalist sculpture, Stacked art, Figurine Sculpture.)

    ~Jewelry Design; handmade [Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings]: (Jewelery making with natural clay; Polymer clay, Plastic/ Glass Beads, Wire Fabrication, Wax thread, Imitation gemstone, Romanticism style jewelry design.)

    ~Design [Interior/ Exterior]: (Traditional Decoration (Aesthetics and Cosmetics), Residential/ Commercial design/ decorating, Environmental metaphysics, Landscape design, Space planning, Drafting-Blueprinting, [Basic]AutoCAD/ Photo Shop experience.)

    Computer/ Networking skills:

    MS Windows XP/ Vista (Advanced)

    OpenOffice.org (Programs)

    Mac System- (Basic)

    MS Excel, Outlook, Office, PowerPoint (Advanced)

    ACT Software Program (Basic)

    Adobe Photo-shop (Basic)

    Auto-CAD (Basic)

    Master Builder Software (Basic)

    Internet Savvy; Web Forms Marketing (Advanced)

    Hardware Installation; [Ram Upgrading] (Basic Building)

    Re-installations/ Set-up [Operating System for PC] (Self Taught)

    Collection: (Skip Tracing); LexisNexis.com & LocatePlus.com

    Roxio [Creative Media Suite 10] (Pro-All Application)

    MAGIX Music Maker 16 [Audio Productions] [Creative Skill in Music Creating]

    10 key typing; (Accurate/ Fast)

    Windows Movie Maker (Advanced Skills)

    Additional skills:

    Prompt/ Professional/ Organized/ Self disciplined
    Dependable/ Driven (Proud Workaholic)/ Fast Learner
    Energetic/ Positive-Outgoing/ Friendly
    Self- Starter/ Self-Motivated/ Determined

    [2005]- WORLD Magazine, Today’s News. Copyright © 2008 WORLD Magazine. October 15, 2005, Vol. 20, No. 40 Written by: Lynn Vincent. Article interview, written about my experience due to Hurricane Katrina. View Article/ story: http://www.worldmag.com/articles/11147

    [2001-2005]- East Jefferson High School Metairie, LA [High School Diploma]
    [2005-2006]- The Art Institute of Orange County, CA [Interior Design, BS]

    Honors/ Showcased:

    [11/ 2010] “DJ RALove” Music Feature Showcased By: “TEAMAPETURE” Visit: http://teamaperture.com/

    [10/ 2010] Feature By: Best Emerging Artists // Direct Link to Feature:http://www.bestemergingartists.com/freelance-artist-designer-dj-rachel-lynn-coleman/

    [03/2010] Featured By: Cafe Handmade // Direct Link to Feature: http://cafehandmade.com/index.php/2010/03/in-the-studio-with-rachel-coleman-rlcdesigns/

    [2002]- Cox Commutation Achievement Award, Metairie, LA.

    [2005]- Awarded a 1-year scholarship to The Art Institute of Orange County, CA [Interior Design B.S.] [Completed scholarship in Fall 2005-2006.] [GPA 3.8]
    [2001-2005]- Key Club International Member: Metairie, LA.


    Rachel L. Coleman


    I am applying for the office position, in which I may utilize my previous skills, while gaining new skills with potential room for positive growth if applicable.


    Administrative Assistant/ Customer Service Support


    Joneca corporation/& Anaheim Marketing International

    Anaheim Hills, CA

    Assistant to all aspects of office:

    General office duties included but not limited to; Dispatch warehouse orders. Processed return authorizations. Faxed, copy, scanned, created memos/ emails. Trained and supervised all new administrative employees. Head of answering phones for two companies switchboard style lines. Customer service for installation and troubleshooting support for our garbage disposer product. Confirmed/ processed all new orders/ processed and confirmed cancellation orders. Created work orders, purchase orders, packing lists and commercial invoices. Processed and maintained daily inventory logs. Maintained data in Excel and Act programs. Processed all end users shipments daily via UPS world ship. Head file clerk: performing all duties in reference to creating and maintaining files for new and current customers/ Vendors/ Trade-shows & Expo shows / Sales Representatives/ Prospect customers and Leads/ End user customers. Back up assistance for all orders online via “Costco Wholesale- Commerce Hub online data base program”. Well trained in assistance in our marketing departments literature & sales brochures for our representative/ prospective customers and prospective vendors. Assistance for owner and supervisor in all projects by demand.

    Coaching Assistant/ Personal Assistant

    (1/2007- 4/2008)

    Global Asset Research & Recovery

    Santa Ana, CA

    I trained students/ clients via telephone how to start their own Judgment Recovery business. I worked closely with co-owner of company, as her personal office assistant. Organized and maintained owners business schedule along with working on small and large projects when requested. Along with teaching students six one-hour lessons/sessions weekly, via-telephone which the owner would assign to me new students weekly. As well as learning the business and legal terminology of Judgment Recovery, I trained in many different collection methods in regards to skip tracing. Created new lesson worksheets and other teaching tools for students by request of owner. I also was in charge of training new coaches for the G.A.R.R. self-start business-training program.

    Backup Accounts Payable/ Receptionist


    HBParkco Construction, Inc.

    Costa Mesa, CA

    Head receptionist using hands free phone earpiece and large switchboard style phone system. Head file clerk; faxed, filed, copied, maintained kitchen area, front lobby and conference room. Made runs for office, answer questions, processed daily incoming and outgoing mail. Created manuals for company, literature documents and manuals for presentation use and for meetings held in office. Backup Accounts Payable, my duties included; Inputting new invoice data into our excel spreadsheets along with processing invoices for payment to our vendors. Assisting in the request of purchase orders, shipment delivery and backup receivers for vendor payments. Requested and processed all insurance certificates (new/old vendors for our business insurance certificate requirements). Requested and maintained all current W-9 documents for our company. Requested, processed and maintained all purchase agreements for new/ present jobs. Assisted the owner, vice president and office manger in all small to large projects by request.

    Secretary/ Receptionist


    Think Together

    Santa Ana, Ca

    Head receptionist, which included but not limited too, screening and transferring all calls via switchboard style phone panel. Answer all questions about our companies tutoring program. Ordered and maintained all office supplies, faxed by request. Head file clerk. Made copies by demand. Made runs for office by request. Processed incoming and outgoing mail. Head file clerk. Maintained kitchen area, front lobby/ waiting room, and conference room. Assisted owner/ vice president, daily in all small and large projects by request. Head of payroll department, this duty entailed requesting all employee time sheets. Manually calculating and processing weekly for all salary and non-salary employees.

    Data Entry/Clerical


    Seals & Tenenbaum

    Anaheim, Ca

    Entered data from judgment and debtor files in company’s collection database system. Processed and distributed incoming and out going daily mail. Organized debtor files, pull files for; litigators, attorneys, paralegal. Assisted companies file clerks with scanning new client and debtor files. Faxed by request. Made copies for in house lawyers and our paralegal department.

    Secretary/ Clerical


    Media Placement Services

    Kenner, La

    Head of answering switchboard style phone system. Provided leads to sales agents across the United States. Filed lead paperwork/ contracts for new clients. Corresponded with doctors/ representative agents along with our corporate offices on new patients and leads. Worked closely with call center providing them with leads to follow up on. Trained on proper determination of, the at fault driver, through national police reports. Heavily trained in national laws and procedures for “The National Do Not Call List”. Learned advanced, Skip Tracing methods and research techniques for generating our call leads. Assisted in bi-weekly payroll duties.

    Front Desk Receptionist


    Francos Lakewood Fitness Center

    New Orleans, La

    Helped members with any general to advance questions or issues they were experiencing. Head of answering phones switch board style phone system. Checked in gym members with Franco’s unique computer scan-in system. Handed out towels or water. Maintained front desk, lobby and main gym studio. Scheduled all fitness assessments and massages, for gyms on staff personal trainers and massage therapists. Ran and maintained front desks Pro-Shop, selling to members and assisting in general questions along with handling sales purchases, I was head of reconciling register at night. Closed and secured business at end of shift locking/ setting alarm for business along with doing night bank money drops at end of shift.

    [Per Request]: References/Salary History Email: RLCDesignsInfo@gmail.com

    Note: If yourself or your affiliated company is not currently looking for new hires thou you believe I could hold the qualifications you may be in search of in the near future, please keep my resume and contact info on file, as I would be thrilled to hear from you!

    Please Visit:


  • Learman says:

    I am a legal Montana Medical Marijuana patient and caregiver. I am seeking a female room mate, companion and bud tender.

    At present I have 9 patients and capapable of growing 36 mature plants. I run 7 1000 watt lights. I live in a 5 bedroom house just outside of town in Billings, Montana. I mainly grow Grand Daddy Purp but have other strains as well. My operation is mainly indoors but plan to utilize some good ole sunshine to grow a few plants. I grow in Ebb & Grow and soil conditions. It has been fun and a lot of work for one person.

    I am a patient myself and care for my patients. They are my friends first. So if you wish to move to beautiful Montana and share a life of fun, fishing and a caring and loving relationship just contact me.

    You must love animals. My age is in the 50s but your age is not important. You only need to have a honest heart. I love children too so don’t be shy if you have children.

    • Terry says:

      LOVELY! Well-said but … how do we reach you?

    • tyrell O says:

      Hello just wanted to know of your open Budtender position is still open. I reside in los angeles and is looking for a chance to work in the Marijuanna field. if your willing to.take me in Im 23 Loyal and availble to work.

  • Lizette Garcia says:

    Lizette Garcia
    325 Mesa Ave, San Ysidro, CA 92173
    Overview More than five years experience in sales for retail establishments and Recognized for delivering great customer service.
    Areas of expertise include:
    • Excellent Customer Service
    • Merchandising and Display
    • Outbound Sales Calls
    • Driving in Customer Traffic
    • New Product Introduction
    • Problem Solving
    • Inventory and Pricing Controls
    • Computer/POS Scanning Use
    Employment Sprint, El Cajon, CA

    At&t, Eastlake, CA

    Sears, Chula Vista, CA

    Discount Merchant

    House of Flava, Plaza Bonita, CA

    Mar Vista Senior High School, Imperial Beach, CA
    2001- 2006

    San Diego City College, San Diego, CA
    Currently Attending
    Lisa De La Torre Jason Ramos
    619-259-8265 619-261-2719

  • Adam Blake says:

    The idea of this job just sounds like explaining star wars when it first came out. Its just amazing, I would bend backwards for a job like this cause i know my sativas, indicas and hybrids. When it comes to using the web, im very confident i can find whatever your looking for cause im on the web everyday.
    I know most of the cannabis history cause i tend to watch the history channel and tivo the episodes and watch them as i lay in bed every night. I make bongs, with percolaters, ash catchers, out of house hold materials. Seriously my life has revolved around the cannabis industry. My knowledge extended from glassware, legal issues, and knowledge of smoking, baking, planting cannabis <3.

    I'm getting my medical card soon, only reason i haven't got it is because its half price if you have a Medi-Cal, but its a defiantly gonna happen
    Gimme a Call
    Promise. You Wont

  • Matt says:


    I am looking into becoming a budtender, and furthering myself in the medical marijuana field. I have an undergraduate degree in Interpersonal and Organizational Communication from the Universiy Of South Florida.

    I will go anywhere, and do anything to achieve this dream. If you can help me, I would love to hear from you.

    Thank you,

  • greg says:

    What is the status in Mississippi? R we there yet? If not what must I do to help to push HB421?

  • Waldene says:

    Hi I’m looking for dispensaries and marijuana doctors in the Seattle area.


    • admin says:

      Hi back
      Currently we are building lists and links to dispensaries in all legal states. As you can imagine, with such a fluid situation this is going to take some time. In the meantime, can I suggest that you try posting your question on our medical marijuana forum? At the moment its very much a fledgling forum but its designed to be a place to swap resources, so the more questions posted the better 😉

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