In our aim to become the best medical marijuana resource on the web we are building up our listings of dispensaries in all legal states.  This will obviously be an ongoing process as medical marijuana state laws and county laws aren’t always the same!  If you have useful information, don’t forget that our medical marijuana dispensary forum is designed to be a pooled resource.

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  • Toni Wolff says:

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  • Cami says:

    I think that medical marijuana should be allowed for that purpose and that purpose alone; medically.

    I have always been against the use of all marijuana usage, until recently when I did some research on the benefits it can have on those that are very ill with diagnoses like cancer. Illnesses such as these can cause a great deal of pain especially while going through treatments like chemotherapy. I was surprised to discover that marijuana could take the pain away from many that are in so much pain and agony.

    Personally, I have religious beliefs that have helped me set standards that I would not choose to use a substance like marijuana even if I was diagnosed with an illness like this. But there are many that don’t have the same belief as me and it is not my place to choose how they find relief from such a horrible disease.

    Please also understand that I would still fight against allowing recreational marijuana becoming legalized. I find these two subjects very different and my support would change between the two topics. I believe that we have laws and regulations from the government to keep citizens of America safe. Keeping recreational marijuana illegal not only protects people from using the substance, but those innocent bystanders that may come encounter with someone high. An example of this would be fewer car accidents due to a driver driving while they are on a high from marijuana.

    I know that many also argue that marijuana is a substance that is used whether legal or not and there is no way to completely stop people from using or finding access to it. I agree and realize that there is not perfect way to completely stop it, but with keeping it illegal, those that are caught using or cause other problems due to the effects will be disciplined by jail time or large fees.

    The prohibition is an issue that many people relate this issue to. I feel that it is similar when talking about medical marijuana, but recreational has too many risks to our society that we cannot always group marijuana and alcohol together. The prohibition caused a lot of problems in our society. This is where a big increase in gang activity and smuggling substances in illegally became a big problem.

    The government finally legalized alcohol in hopes decrease the gang activity and gain more control again. Gangs had to find new substances to make a profit off of and to continue their business. Because of this, our society has been introduced to many more substances that are more dangerous. I think to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes and not recreational will help those that need to the substance for pain relief, but also keep the chances of more drugs becoming introduced and making drug problems worse.

    In order for this to work and for only medical marijuana be legalized, strict regulations need to be enforced. Perhaps having patients only use marijuana is controlled places like a hospital. Ensuring that those getting medical marijuana licenses are indeed in need of them and don’t have a history of drug abuse. I think medical marijuana should also only be sold in a pharmacy or given at the hospitals likes any other kind of prescribed pain medication. With more regulations and laws, we can help those that need it medically and protect others from getting it for recreational activities.

  • Debbie says:

    I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromylagia, and Osteoarthritis…

    My neurologist in Boston Massachusetts has told me that she agrees with medical marijuana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Maine have all legalized for medical use. Is there anyway I can get a medical marijuana card to purchase in Rhode Island and still live in Massachusetts?

    • Jim says:

      Jackie, I am wondering if you got any replies to your post on getting a nmed card in mass for use in other states, I also have a couple of debilitating conditions and my neuro has told me it may be a good option if it were available here in MA

      I have been buying from a source and it has helped control my pain! im on some heavy duty stuff, morphine, oxycontin, dilaudid, and a slew of muscle relaxers as well as celebrex. i also recieve injections in my knee until the point of knee replacement (age 50) i am almost ready to move if thts what it takes. please lemme know. thanks


  • luis says:

    Want to know if i get my california medical card can and use it in Washington State.

  • Milton says:

    Can you obtain a card if I move to California for 30days and then move back to my home town or do you have to be a full-time resident.

  • Jackie Morford says:

    Medical marijuana is not legal in the state of Missouri, but it is in Iowa. Is there any way of knowing where or who is the point of sale? I am very disabled and my doctor has said if it were legal in this state he’d prescribe it for me. I’m sick of taking pills, morphine, norco, duladid, etc, I’ve had it all at some point and I feel like it’s killing me. Medical marijuana doesn’t kill.

    I appreciate any help you can give.

    Thanks, Jackie

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