As of April 1, there were 32,929 registered marijuana patients in Oregon and 21,213 applications for registration were received between April 1 2009 and 31 March 2010. As yet there are no legal provisions for the creation of dispensaries…

However, supporters of an initiative to create a system of medical marijuana dispensaries in the state have submitted petitions with more than 110,000 signatures in hopes of getting on the ballot this fall.

The Coalition for Patients’ Rights was able to gather the signatures before an early submission deadline, requiring the state Elections Division to immediately determine whether there are enough valid signatures to meet the minimum of about 83,000 needed to qualify.

In addition to dispensaries, the initiative would also create a system of regulated medical marijuana producers.

Voters defeated a measure to create dispensaries in 2004 but supporters say they believe opposition has declined.

One of the leading opponents of the initiative, former state lawmaker Kevin Mannix, said the number of signatures would probably ensure it qualifies for the ballot but that law enforcement officials will review it carefully.

“My gut check is they’re breaking faith with the voters,” Mannix said. He immediately followed this remark with, “I’m not saying they have broken faith. But we’ll go back to promises that were made when medical marijuana was on the ballot in 1998.”

Supporters, however, believe that opposition has declined.  John Saja, Executive Director of  the Voter Power Foundation, responsible for organizing the petition, said,  “now that the Obama administration has indicated that they will allow states to regulate medical marijuana, Oregon needs to create a regulated system so every patient can access quality controlled medicine.”

You’ll understand, then, why we cannot at present publish a list of Oregon Medical Marijuana Dispensaries…

However, there is the Oregon Medical Marijuana Café, as seen in the video below

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries State-by-State


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  • Hovering says:

    For a list of OMMP clubs and resources, primarily in the Portland metro area, check out

  • quietcat says:

    Give the state total control of medi via the OLCC ? Remove the power from the people and place it in the hands of bureaucrats ? Vote no if indeed it dose make the ballot.

  • lambov12 says:

    Hey just saw this and thought how good it is that some people are fighting to have the medicinal properties of marijuana seen, unfortunatley here in the UK we have a lower tolerance for the idea that marijuana is useful in medicine as it is still somewhat stigmatized, however i believe legalisation is the way forward as then the stigma is dropped which would force ilegal street dealers out of buisness and allow the drug to reach those that need it.

    I have seen a bit more on this subject but once again in the US nothing over my side of the pond 🙁 more info on this here legal dispensaries.

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