Becoming a Legal Medical Marijuana Patient in California

marijuana-doctors-CaIn 1996, California became the first state to legalize medical marijuana with the enactment of the Compassionate Use Act (CUA), otherwise referred to as Prop 215. Eight years later, in 2004, this was amended with SB420.  This amendment served to provide even greater protections for patients using medical marijuana for medical reasons.

The CUA and SB 420 have been codified as Health and Safety Code 11362.5 – 11362.83, which provide the following protections and limitations:

  • Your first move should be a consultation with your own physician
  • Without a medical record that shows treatment for serious illness, you may be ineligible for medical marijuana under Prop 215
  • You need to gain a physician’s recommendation or approval for the use of medical marijuana to treat your condition
  • Official registration is not required No official registration is required
  • Marijuana can be recommended for any serious condition for which it provides relief. Dr Tod Mikuriya has recorded nearly 250 conditions that may be helped by cannabis
  • Under state law physicians cannot be punished for recommending medical marijuana.  However, they must not assist their patients in obtaining marijuana. These Medical Marijuana Guidelines for Physicians will help you to clarify the situation
  • Of the 1500 physicians in California who have recommended cannabis under Prop 215, none have been federally prosecuted.

Medical marijuana doctors endorsed by us are listed below:


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  • Rebecca paris says:

    Im looking for a Dt. to prescribe a medical card for my 17 year old son. Is there anyone in the state of Ca that will do so.

  • Charlene says:

    I need some information in the Orange Co, CA area please help

  • Dysy says:

    Please, I need an appointment today.

  • Niko says:

    If you’re in Northern California the place to go for a recommendation is Alternative Health Solutions. Good, fast, reliable!


  • Michael Davies says:

    Many of marijuana’s (identifiable) effects are kinesthetic ( low blood pressure, heavy legs, warmth, hunger, etc.) rather than visual.And relaxing effects of shooting seem to me to be from the combination of relaxing (including dissociating from any startle response) and focusing that is needed to shoot well. I’ve noticed that rhythmic quality too.

    Aaron, how big or a stack of Omega-3 were you trying when you got that internalizing reaction?

  • Christine says:

    Need to find some good quality hemp oil for cancer treatment.

  • Jay says:

    Good doctors and easy to get in to get your recommendation. I had no problems.


  • Larry says:

    Here is the best place to see a doctor in Northern Calif for a recommendation!

  • hear is a place in los angeles where you can get your medical marijuana card if you qualify

  • paula hansell says:

    hello. I live in huntington beach california and am looking for a doctor who can prescribe marijuana. I am 41 years old and have lupus, crohn’s. fibromaligia and suffer in svere pain 24 hours a day. I have never smoked marijuana so I would prefer it in food. can you recommend anyone in my area who can legally prescribe this for me? thank you very much for your time and help.
    (714) 377-8524
    Paula Hansell

  • Karen says:

    I’m looking for a Dr, and a dispensary in Apple Valley, CA. 92307 area. Can you help with that.
    Thank You,

  • Travis says:

    I live in san diego California and have a 17 year old son who has bipolar, and ADD im looking for a doctor who will prescribe him one if i write him off??? any options???

  • John says:

    I went here and had no problems with becoming legal and getting a recommendation.

  • terry says:

    I am 53 yr man, just survived two cancers back to back, I had lymphoma, then i got throat cancer, I lost all my teeth, saliva glands, and taste buds, half my neck, and cant raise my right arm from surgery.

    I had to turn to cannabis after the cancers, to obtain a appetite, it makes me hungry all day, without it I don’t want to eat and it helps with my insomnia, and keeps me chilled out, I’m hyper, so that’s why i need medical marijuana, that has no side affects, to keep me living well, but i live in Chesapeake, va, why do i have to suffer, I have to buy it off the streets, i don’t know what I’m getting, when can I get it, is it going to be any good, I’m going to get ripped off.

    I tired of how i have to get my meds, its aggravating, i just want to get my meds, so i can smoke in my own home, and take care of my needs, it would take so much STRESS OUT OF MY LIFE IF I COULD GET MY MEDS FROM A DESPENCERY, THEN I WOULD HAVE A PIECE OF MIND, I WONT HAVE TO WORRY IF IM GONNA GET SOME OR NOT, TODAY, NEXT WEEK, YOU GET THE PICTURE, ITS A PAIN PLUS THEY ARE CHARGING 400-500 BAG ON THE STREET, PLEASE HELP, SIGNED 2 TIME CANCER SURVIVOR, THANK GOD, TERRY.

  • mike says:

    i like your guys site, iv actually got my 215 card through a number i found on your site.

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