Oh, if only it was that easy; that you could decide you want to take your caring skills into the marijuana industry, get a license and set up in business. Sadly, it is not that easy; not that easy at all.

Guidelines from government agencies tend to be thin on the ground and online resources either want money or give dubious information (except here at Medical Marijuana Blog of course!)

As for the legal profession, well, much as they might want to help, the laws surrounding medical marijuana are so fast changing and in some cases so vague that lawyers are wary about giving out real advice and information.

Last week we got to hear of a book called How to Start a Budding Medical Marijuana Caregivers Business. We have to state up-front that we have not read this book and so can’t honestly comment on the value of the contents to those who genuinely want to enter the Medical Marijuana Industry; however, if it does what it says on the tin, then it has to be a starting point – plus it has a 60-day money back guarantee. The author says his book is “to help walk you thru the business end of starting a caregivers business.” He made the following video:

If you have any advice or information to add, why not let us know?


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  • Caregiving is no joke, and people need to take their respective laws seriously.

  • J says:

    My son is in school to become an EMT and will be continuing on to become a paramedic. Because he is an avid snowboarder he also has had several major injuries including a fractured spine. He had his MMJ card when the last major injury occurred and was able to avoid the use of highly addictive pain killers. He let his card lapse and now is concerned that if he gets it renewed it may interfere with his ability to become licensed as an EMT. Does anyone know if having an MMJ card in Colorado prevents one from becoming a licensed EMT and/or paramedic?

  • Megan says:

    I was wondering if you HAVE to grow in order to become a caregiver. Please, if anyone knows email me the answer.. p1k4chus@gmail.com

  • JIMMY says:


  • Zac Lonergan says:

    Im a 21 year old male from delaware who feels i could change peoples lives with medical marijuana. It was just past, what do i got to do to grow and distribute marijuana to the government and or state of delaware?

  • Kirk says:

    I would love info on becoming a caregiver, could I make my living full time with this? ow do I get my patients? I need a lot of questions answered!!

  • Jesse says:

    i would like to become a caregiver i feel that in the feature it would be best to wait untill i turn 21 i need to know what to do to just beable to smoke weed leagualy in the state of washington please wright me back.

    -Jesse j konsmo

  • Dawn says:

    i would like information on becoming a caregiver

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