marijuana-dispensariesWe are, as you know, in the process of putting together a comprehensive ‘one-stop shop’ on the topic of medical marijuana.  To help medical cannabis patients as much as we possibly can, we are now putting together a comprehensive listing of marijuana dispensaries in all legal states. If you have anything you would like to say about any of these dispensaries or, indeed, about medical marijuana in general.


This is another of those jobs that will take some time to complete.  As soon as we have collated information on a particular state, that state will appear as a hyperlink in the list below.  So, if you see a state but it has no link, that means we haven’t completed that particular listing yet.  However, you can help us in our task, which will help speed things up a bit.  If you have any information on legal medical marijuana dispensaries in your town, your county, or your state, please write it up in our medical marijuana dispensary forum.  Probably the easiest way to achieve a sensible listing in the forum is that the first person to write up a dispensary in a particular place starts a new thread in the marijuana section of the forum with the place name forming the title.  If there is already a thread with the title of your place name, just add your comment to that thread.

Don’t forget that we also publish up-to-date information on where it is legal to use medical marijuana.

Share your thoughts on medical marijuana dispensaries.

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries State Listing




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