How to Open a Medical Marijuana Delivery serviceHow to open a medical marijuana delivery service? Medical Marijuana delivery services are the newest offspring of the MMJ movement, and home delivery in certain states is as controversial as it is popular.

Making the decision to start your own delivery service cannot be made lightly, and there are many factors that must be considered prior to starting such a service.

So you are ready to start a MMJ delivery service, never underestimate the quality of the information you can get from a Weed College. Here a just a few elements that must be considered in order to have a legal and successful mobile dispensary, compassion club, caregiver, or co-operative.

How to Open a Medical Marijuana Delivery Service

1. The Law

Here is a list of the legal medical marijuana states that allow Medical Marijuana, and each has specific guidelines on cultivation and distribution. Your best bet is to consult with an MMJ attorney on whether a delivery service is legal to operate in your state, and in many states MMJ attorney will provide free consultation through advocacy groups.

In the age of the internet websites have been created to take the work out of researching, applying for dispensary or caregiver licenses, negotiating fees and legalities, and defining the “grey” areas in each individual MMJ state/city bill or ordinance.

It is well worth paying for legal guidance to ensure your dispensary delivery service application is approved and to save time as the process can be quite complex.

2. Cost vs. Profit

Depending on the laws in your state and how you intend to supply the MMJ, operating an MMJ delivery service may not be cost effective for you. For example the average cost of operating and opening a dispensary in many states and Washington D.C. can be upwards of $200,000 which may be unavoidable because opening a dispensary, investing in large scale expensive cultivation set-ups, and hiring knowledgeable growers may be required in order to operate as a mobile service.

In some other states like Arizona where dispensaries have not yet been established patient-to-patient/caregiver compassion clubs have become the only means of obtaining MMJ legally, and because the clubs provide personally cultivated MMJ that is donated by registered patients the profit far outweighs the costs so delivering to patients can be very lucrative.

3. Security

Finally, security is a key element to any business, and probably a bit more with a mobile service that is dealing in large amounts of cash, and a highly desirable substance to bad guys. One might consider having a system with another trusted partner or employee that rides along or constantly checks in before, during, and after a delivery. Other means of protection may be considered as well, communicating with patient prior to delivery to help establish guidelines for the transaction and to get a sense of who you are about to do business with.

Consideration must be taken of the laws in your state if non-deadly or deadly weapons are used for personal protection, and with MMJ patient services many times possession of weapons could be considered intent to commit illegal activities especially when considering a mobile service.

If you decide to start a Medical Marijuana delivery service, weigh all the costs before beginning that venture, not only financial, but personally and legally as well. Some of the best information that you can get is from a cannabis college online.

Hope this article helps you to learn how to open a medical marijuana delivery service. Good luck and great success on your new MMJ business, Happy Growing!


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  • J Morgan says:

    Currently, low profile medical marijuana collective deliveries are thriving in California. Traditional storefronts have been banned by many cities and the recent Federal treats have caused many to close. Having a (relatively small) “collective” of individuals come together to produce and distribute medical marijuana is how many CA DA’s interpret SB 420. The delivery model allows the entity to remain nimble and fly under the radar of local law enforcement harassment (if operated properly).

    Now that that the Nov 2012 elections are over and CO and WA have passed the Feds will need to re-evaluate their priorities. Deliveries have proven to be a good stand by in turbulent times. Hopefully the storefronts will become more accepted by local governments as we move into 2013.

    Please check out
    for more California MMJ information.

  • cannamed says:


    STATE AND CONSUMER SERVICES AGENCY Department of Consumer Affairs DMUND G. BROWN, Jr.,Governor

    Licensing Program June 14, 2011

    It has come to the attention of the California Medical Board that there are a wide variety of Medical Marijuana Evaluation clinics that are operating in an UNLICENSED capacity, which is clear violation of State of California Law, and is an offense punishable by CRIMINAL PROSECUTION, FINES, INCARCERATION and LOSS OF ALL CA MEDICAL LICENSES. The State of California Medical Board is currently investigating all UNLICENSED and ILLEGAL Medical Marijuana Clinics who are issuing Marijuana Recommendations to patients in violation of California Law.

    The law clearly states that not only is the physician required to have their medical license RENEWED and CURRENT, but the clinic where patients are being seen is also required to have RENEWED and CURRENT Factious Name Permit.

    As a matter if California Law it is your legal obligation to educate your volunteers and your patients and to ensure that the medical marijuana clinic where they receive their recommendations:

    1. Are Operating LEGALLY;
    2. Are LICENSED to practice medicine in the State of California by evidencing a RENEWED and CURRENT Factious Name Permit License Number,
    3. Are in compliance with State of California Medical Board rules and regulations as well as in compliance with California Law.

    ONLY A LICENSED CALIFORNIAPHYSICIAN can own, control and operate a medical clinic (I.e., practice). It is against California Law, for LAY PEOPLE (I.e. unlicensed persons) to operate, own, control, a medical clinic. The law clearly states that the medical clinic must be organized as a Professional California Corporation which can only be obtained from the State of California by a Licensed physician.

    If a LAY PERSON (I.e., unlicensed person) is known to or represents that they own, control and/or operate a medical practice, they will be CRIMINALLY PROSECUTED to the fullest extent of California Law.

    It is Your LEGAL OBLIGATION to Verify EVERY Medical Marijuana Clinic:

    As required by California Law Proposition 215 & SB 420 it is your legal duty to VERIFY every recommendation for every patient prior to allowing that patient entry into your dispensary. If a patient DOES NOT have a valid recommendation, they CANNOT enter and obtain medication.

    It is your LEGAL OBLIGATION and LEGAL RESPONSIBLITY to VERIFY every Medical Marijuana Clinic to make sure that they are LICENSED and operating LEGALLY in order to protect patients and to ensure that ILLEGAL Medical Marijuana Clinics STOP OPERATING and stop endangering the lives and health of patients who seek medical help for their medical problems and believe that they are visiting a LEGAL and LICENSED medical marijuana clinic.
    STATE AND CONSUMER SERVICES AGENCY – Department of Consumer Affairs EDMUND G. BROWN, Jr., Governor

    Licensing Program

    June 14, 2011


    1. When does a Medical Marijuana Clinic need a fictitious name permit?

    A. If you are a LICENSED PHYSICIAN and SURGEON, practicing under a fictitious, false or assumed name in any public communication, advertisement, sign or announcement.
    Example: ìABC Evaluation Centerî.

    2. How do I Verify a Medical Marijuana Clinic to Make Sure They Are Legally Licensed to Practice Medicine in the State of California?

    A. Please visit:

    B. Then please click on the LICENSEES TAB on top or go to:

    C. On the left side (Quick Links) please click on Fictitious Name Permit or go to:

    D. Click on Name Search for Fictitious Name Permit:

    E. Enter the EXACT NAME of the Medical Marijuana Clinic as advertised in the Business Name field to search for a valid Fictitious Name Permit, meaning that the FNP Permit is (I.e., License Renewed & Current); Example: ìABC Evaluation Centerî.

    I. If your search reveals the EXACT NAME of ABC Evaluation Center as advertised by the Medical Marijuana Clinic and the FNP licensed in RENEWED and CURRENT, this constitutes a LEGAL MEDICAL MARIJUANA CLINIC;

    Ii. If your search DOES NOT reveal the EXACT NAME as advertised of ABC Evaluation Center and NO RECORDS RETURNED is the result and ABC Evaluations Center DOES NOT have a FNP License Renewed & Current, that means that this medical practice is OPERATING ILLEGALLY and in clear VIOLATION of California Law and California Medical Board Rules and Regulations;

    Iii. Such ILLEGAL and UNLICENSED medical clinics marijuana clinics will be INVESTIGATED and CRIMINALLY PROSECUTED to the fullest extent of the law;

    Iv. Furthermore, ALL recommendations that are issued by ILLEGAL and UNLICENSED medical marijuana clinics will be REVOKED without notice.

    In closing, recommendations issued by UNLICENSED/ILLEGAL medical marijuana clinics are INVALID and will be REVOKED. It is estimated that over 100,000 patients in the State of California have been issued recommendations by ILLEGAL and UNLICENSED medical marijuana clinics. For further questions, call the State of California Medical Board Licensing Program at (916) 263- 2382 or (800) 633-2322.

    STATE AND CONSUMER SERVICES AGENCY – Department of Consumer Affairs EDMUND G. BROWN, Jr., Governor

    Licensing Program
    June 11, 2011




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