It’s wonderful news, isn’t it, that medical marijuana is now authorized in a 15th state? I hesitate to use the word legal because, of course, marijuana use, medical or otherwise, is banned by federal law. How do you get hold of your medicine though, especially if you travel from your home state to another legal state?

One of our aims here at is to make getting the medication you need as simple and trouble-free as possible, whether that is by listing medical marijuana doctors, telling you about recommended dispensaries, or just keeping you up-to-date with changes to state laws.

Today we’d like to point you towards a very useful service we’ve found: THC Finder.

Wherever you happen to be in the world, and whatever medical condition is ailing you, THC Finder will help you to find the marijuana services you need, including:

Many of the organizations listed have been reviewed and have been given a star rating, so you can choose the best facility for you.

What’s even better is the text message service that will notify you of exclusive deals offered by cannabis clubs near you; this service is absolutely free and you can opt in or out at any time. Additionally, if your area isn’t listed in the special deals service, let THC Finder know and they’ll sort something out for you.

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  • Tammara says:

    I live in Texas and I am willing to travel to go see a Marijuana Medical Doctor, but my question is: when I get the card how do I get the Medical Marijuana in a state that hasn’t legalized it?

  • Leslie says:

    I would like to know of a dispensary in or close to Portland, Or.

  • Catherine G says:

    Above you mentioned patients who have to travel to another state to obtain medicine, but did not say how to do it or if it can be done. I am someone who would have to travel and I am willing to. What do I do?

    • sherri says:

      i would also like some info i live in ny but am concidering moving to a state where it is already legal.

      • Akathaze says:

        I was under the impression that you must be liveing in the state for 1 whole year before you could even get a licence.

  • Stonewall says:

    I would like to list our dispensary in data base.

    Many thanks,


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